2014 Review

2014 Review

Screen shot 2014-12-28 at 16.05.40What would the end of the year be without a Big Review?!

I love Christmas but I get EVEN MORE excited about a Brand New Year. I get beside myself with excitement! Of course change, and goals and New Things can be done at any time of the year, and they should, but there’s something so special about a Spanking Brand New Year! It’s like a blank canvas for us to paint our own pictures and bring those pictures to life!

2014 has been intense. In a good way. Where to start?! I know. I’ll make a list 😉

Up close and personal

I’ve been getting up close and personal with myself and my clients more so than ever. Ahem.

What I mean is, on a personal basis I’ve REALLY tuned into the details of what it is I do and want to do so that I completely step into a space where I essentially get paid to be me. In the 7 years of being in business, I’ve always followed my passions, but there is always room to take things to the next level. Well, there will ALWAYS be a next level; that’s never going to change.

And with my clients. I’m clearer than I have ever been about who I LOVE working with (and who I don’t), and how I can help them create the life they want, ON THEIR TERMS. I get to help people who I love because I know exactly who they are and what they need. I don’t fill my time or my business with anyone who isn’t a perfect fit. Well, there was one rogue one that slipped through my net recently, but I’m not afraid to sack, or indeed in this case, ban a client. I was able to do that because I have confidence in myself, my business and have alignment with my values. The WRONG customers aren’t RIGHT. I only take money from the right sources and say a NO to the rest – which is kind of a scary thing to do, but gets easier with practice.


I’ve ditched doing anything in my business that I didn’t feel passionate about doing. You know the kinda stuff you just get into the habit of doing and you think you should but it doesn’t feel you with joy? It seems crazy to have it any other way now; why fill your business, and indeed life, with anything (or anyone!) that doesn’t make you feel amazing?! You are the boss!

Working out exactly how I want to spend my days, what I want to do, who I want to work with and how much I want to work has enabled me to reduced my hours from around a crazy, stupid 100 hours a week to 20 hours. Sometimes 25. Prior to that I think my business was running me, and I was happily allowing it to, but now I’m firmly in charge of running my business. A much better position to be in!


Hello, my name is Karen and I’m a productivity ninja! If there is a way to work smarter, more efficiently and in less time, I’m ON IT! I’ll be sharing more about how I spend my time in my business and the tricks that have simplified my business coming up in the new year which means I can run my business in 20 hours a week.


There have been a few occasions this year when I have told someone what I have wanted to do and I’ve been told that’s it’s not possible or it’s too soon, or I’m not ready yet. And each of those times, I’ve proved the person wrong. If I had of been influenced by them and accepted what they had advised, I may well not have gone ahead and achieved them. Those people are DANGEROUS to be around. They may well mean well, but if you are easily swayed they could stop you in your tracks.

Another reason to only surround yourself with those that will lift you up and support you. NEVER let another person put their limited beliefs onto you and what you can achieve!

Extra confidence

I know, I know, I’m hardly a wallflower as it is. I think part of the reason I noticed an increase in my confidence is because I have surrounded myself with people who are living full out on their terms too, and some of them are where I want to be. They all have big goals and they are going for them like nothing will stand in their way. They are there when I celebrate my successes and as well as encouraging me, they also motivate and inspire me with the work they do and the lives they lead. They are showing me the evidence of what is possible. They have done it, are doing it, and so can I. And so can YOU!


Financially and in time, I’ve invested in my training at a level I’ve never done before with a world-class mentor and coach and I’m reaping the rewards 10-fold and more!

You will get further, faster with the right coach. Don’t put it off for years like I did. Whatever stage are you at right now, if you haven’t got a coach, start looking! 


Always learning. It never stops. Nor should it. There is always more to learn. There are always way to increase your knowledge as well as broaden your mind. What’s being talked about? What’s being taught? What new philosophies can you adopt? Who can teach you something new? Get on it.

Negativity Eradication

If you’ve been following me for any length of time you know that I am passionate about positivity. This is something I practice and work on everyday, and as part of that I haven’t watched, read or listened to the news for about 15 months. Taking in only positive news, and surrounding myself with positive people is work and life enhancing. My tolerance for negativity and negative people is at an all time low.

REMEMBER you are the average of the 6 people you surround yourself with. Take a look at who you surround yourself with, and decide you gets to come with you in 2015 and who you leave behind. Does that sound harsh? No. It’s essential.

Laptop Life! OMG! YES.

Hey! Did I mention that I spent TWO MONTHS living the laptop life and running my business from the road? I’m sure I must have mentioned haha. Check out some of the videos here. 

Permission free living photo

London, Valencia, Barcelona, Budapest & Berlin. Wow, even if I say so myself lol. What an experience and a test to see what would happen both personally and business-wise (but really there’s no separation between business and personal!). I honestly didn’t know if I would break my business but I just had to go for it and take a chance.

Take a risk! The risk was worth it and it was a bigger success than I imagined. My business thrived and I even attracted more clients from other countries just by putting myself ‘out there’ it seemed.


Simply, sticking two fingers up at business rules and trusting my own judgement like never before and doing what I want.


I’ve never shied away from taking action before but this year it’s been ACTION WITHOUT HESITATION. What I’ve learned is we can do SO much more and get to our goals in a 10th of the time – or LESS!

Sod doing things in steps and increments. Unless you love frustratingly slow progress and want to play by the rules. I love moving fast. I set my own pace. And that goes for my clients too, they are fast movers. Who’s got the time to wait longer for results than necessary?! It’s win/win when I work with someone who isn’t afraid to GO ALL OUT and take inspired action every, single day.

Products and Podcasts

Part of my uber action taking this year means I created a LOT. I won’t list everything now but I’ll give you my personal highlights.

Karen Strunks: Author. I wrote and published my first three books on Amazon, and I’m giving away a FREE copy of my first book; 8 Secrets To Playing It BIG In Life And Business. You can download your copy here. 

Screen shot 2014-12-31 at 07.00.43

Big Daring Business Show. I launched my podcast and I’ve got some amazing interviews with some of the best in the business and entrepreneurial world. More to come in 2015 so stay tuned!

Big Daring Business Academy. This is where I have put my hottest business, social media, productivity and success training to help you do the work you LOVE!

My best selling online programme. It’s pretty intensive training and I share how to create a FREEDOM based business, make money on YOUR TERMS and stop marching to the beat of someone else’s drum.

Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda, Didn’t

I really love the idea of daily vlogging, but I think unless I made that my ONLY job (hey, maybe I will one day!) then I haven’t done it. I do love video and chatting away and sharing stuff from my day and my adventures, and I’m good with the recording part, but the editing part is where I come to a stop. Hey ho!

I also fancied the idea of having my own phone app based on motivation, inspiriation and business and life saviness.

What have I got coming up for you in 2015?!

I’m going to be taking you inside the passionate, beating heart of my business and showing you exactly how I run things. From strategies, to motivation and inspiration and more! Make sure you keep up to date and don’t miss out anything that I’ve got coming up. When you join my community of daring entrepreneurs you will get ‘you heard it here first’ news, updates and special offers that I don’t give out anywhere else. 

Thank You!

You can’t achieve anything worthwhile all on your own and I want to say a HUGE THANK YOU for everyone who has been part of my 2014. My friends, my clients, my fans, followers, my incredible mentors and a special thank you to my amazing Mum who inspires me every day to make the most of the wonderful life she has given me.

Theme of 2015; Health & Wealth

This is the first time that I will have given a year a theme (or 2 in this case). You can’t have wealth without health and I want my wealth to be VERY healthy in 2015 and beyond!

Want to work with me in 2015 and really step up to running your life, work and business exactly on YOUR TERMS? THEN just get in touch!

If you are ready to step up and take action this year in creating the life and business you want, then come and join my community of daring, go-getting, action takers who THINK BIG and go full-out and make things HAPPEN!

Wishing you every success and happiness in 2015.



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