There are two types of rules

There are two types of rules


And everybody else’s.

Are you a rule follower, or a rule breaker?

Do you feel confined by other people’s rules, or nice and safe and secure (they know better, right?)?

It may come as a surprise (but probably not!) that I cannot bear following the rules. I never have. Since being a teenager I’ve never wanted to conform. I remember when I first heard the word ‘non-conformist’ in a history class and the teacher talking about non-conforming figures of the past. ‘That’s me!’, I thought. I could really relate to these people who refused to fit in or be molded by other people’s rules.

Tell me what to do and my skin crawls.

Most of us don’t question any rules at all. We just follow them. That’s what society does. That’s what society says. That’s what our parents says. That’s what our boss says. That’s what the person on the TV says.

We just go with the flow. Without question. It’s so much easier that way anyway!

God forbid you take a stand and decide what YOUR rules are going to be.

Wouldn’t all hell break out if you stuck two fingers up at everyone else’s rule and decided to live by rules of your own making? And wouldn’t that be wonderful! 

Rules are made up by people just like YOU! They don’t know any better than you. They don’t have any more wisdom than you. They are just people.

IF you are going to follow someone else’s rules, make sure that person is someone you really respect and admire. It usually works best with someone who has been where you have been.

What rules are you going to break today? What rules are you going to MAKE today?

If there’s something in your life that makes you feel sick, change it! If there’s something that you just DON’T LIKE, make it your NEW RULE to get it (or him or her) out of your life. If you are filling your days with things that you just tolerate because ‘the rules’ say you should do it – then dig down, find your spirit and rally against it!

Take a stand. Take control. Decide. Do SOMETHING other than ignore what you want. That goes for your life, career, business, everything!




Are you ready to make your rules for 2015? Then join me on 29th November in Birmingham for a day dedicated to your success next year!

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Get your goals locked in for next year
Only FIVE places available

This is a 1 day event on Saturday 29th November in Birmingham city centre for only 5 awesome entrepreneurs who are ready to go ALL out on creating success in 2014.

This is about creating success ON YOUR TERMS in 2015. I mean really on your terms. No more thinking ‘wouldn’t it be nice if…..’, this is a day of getting down and working out the DETAILS and leaving with a plan of action.

This is a day for action takers, and action taking. We will be focusing on your business (whether it already exists or it’s something that you are ready to start) and creating independent wealth on YOUR TERMS. That’s includes marketing, sales and pricing your services.

Expect excuses to be challenged, limited thinking to be kicked to the curb and motivation, inspiration and action taking to be high priority.


I will personally guide you and give you the low down on how I’ve built my business that I run in 20 hours a week doing EXACTLY what I want with the most awesome clients.

The focus will be on YOU and what you want to achieve. Small thinking and limiting beliefs will be thrown in the trash whilst you create a plan that is full of the things you WANT to do and not what you think you SHOULD do in your business and if you need help figuring that out, I’ve got that covered.

Do you dream bigger than big, big? Do you goals scare and excite you? Do you know that you can be, do and have more in your life and work and that you deserve it?  

Because of the individual focus on your goals, places are limited to 5 people.

It will take place at The Priory Rooms, Bull Street, Birmingham.

10am to approx 4:30pm. £145 (approx $230).

It’s going to be a high energy day and a business and life changing one. Let’s get your goals locked in for 2015!

Your Life.Your Business. Your Way. Believe more is possible!

Karen x



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