Never underestimate the power of one

Never underestimate the power of one

Over the weekend I got thinking about what we expect to happen when we start something new and send it out into the world. I’m talking businesses, projects, services,  launches and building up a customer base.

We have such high hopes for it! We want people to flock and LOVE IT as much as we do and yes, it would be awesome if we were outnumbered and 100’s of clients lining up for our products,  and services when we create something new or are first starting out.
However, it very rarely happens that way.

You start with one…..and build on that.

One gives you proof that someone wants what you have to offer.
One tells you that if they bought it, another person will.
One tells you that you can make money from your passions.
One gives you hope and boosts your confidence.
One will give you feedback that you can use for two and three, and later 200, and 2 thousand.

Never underestimate the power of one.

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