Put all your eggs in one basket


Oh we love having a back-up, a safety net, lots of eggs in lots of baskets!

Well, I’m here to tell you to smash all but ONE of your eggs. All but the Golden Egg; that’s the one that holds your true dreams and goals and desires for your life and business.


And before you know it you are carrying around a dozen baskets so carefully, fearful of dropping just one.

Put all your eggs in one basket.

Any success I’ve had is when I’ve committed to one thing with a single focus and determination and just looked after that ONE BASKET.


Scared of taking the risk? Then you’ve got to ask yourself if the entrepreneurial life is for you? Or if you will be happy with ‘slow and steady’ progress whilst you nurse all your eggs.


Get rid of the all the time consuming eggs that you use as excuses for being ‘busy’


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