Flaky People – Keep Out Of My Way!

Flaky People - Keep Out Of My Way!

This is a message to the ones that are all talk and no action. To the ones with big ideas and no follow through. To the dreamers who live in a fantasy land. To the flaky people…

Keep out of my way. 

I’m normally quite good on who I let into my life. I’ve got a filter and it pretty much works but even then some flakes slip through the net and I’m always HORRIFIED when that happens.

Sometimes I wonder if I’m too kind, generous, trusting or naive.

I tend to employ a ‘Three Strikes And You’re Out’ policy, but I’m going to change it to ONE Strike And Your Out… 

When people show you who they are the first time around, 99% of the time, THAT’S who are you going to get the rest of the time.

Let me give you some examples of people I’ve recently Striked Out.

1. He promises to support something I’m doing. He’s super keen. He thinks it’s the best thing since sliced bread and he REALLY wants to get involved. But he doesn’t. I’m disappointed but hey ho, these things happen. Then he promises a work opportunity. It sounds amazing. Just up my street. I say a big HELL YES. Then nothing. Silence and he never mentions anything about it again. Lastly, he’s loving my work and wants to meet up for lunch next time I’m in town. Okay. I let him know when I’m coming to town. Nothing. Silence. STRIKE OUT. 

2. This guy approaches me about an event he’s involved in and he wants me to get involved. I say OK and we agree what I’m going to do and also what HE is going to do. He failed to deliver on his part and really let me down. A couple of months later (some guilt on his part I suspect) he gets in touch offering to make it up with me and asks to meet up. I set a time/date. Hours before our meeting he can’t make it because his mum is ill. Quite honestly, I barely believe him but I give him the benefit of the doubt. We set ANOTHER time and date. Hours before our meeting HE is ill this time. FFS! I’m running out of patience. Then he emails to ask to meet up again. I suggest it’s better we just speak on the phone (honestly, a 10 minute discussion will suffice, we don’t need this rigmarole of meeting up. I don’t like meetings as they can take up half a day). Anyway, I don’t hear from him again. STRIKE OUT. 

3. A business woman this time, with an opportunity to promote my services and attached to that is a competition. I almost declined because I really didn’t think I’d hit the numbers required to be active in the competition part but I recognised my limiting thought and said YES anyway. There were prizes for those who came in the top 3 (or maybe 5). I was really conscientious and followed the rules and really made an effort to hit the numbers and do what was required and much to my surprise I came 2nd! But the positive experience turned into a negative one when, apart from an email to say ‘congrats, you’ve won a prize’, the organiser went quiet and didn’t deliver. It was horrible really. I felt confused and disappointed. This is a woman who, from public appearances at least, looks trustworthy. I must be naive to expect people to deliver on what they promise. It’s not even about the prize (an amazon book voucher), it’s the principle.  A couple of months later she emailed with an apology; ‘life’ happened and she will honour the prize. It hasn’t happened. STRIKE OUT.


They waste your time.

They lie.

They aren’t willing to DO THE WORK.

I’m pretty mortified that my filter broke with these people and I attracted them into my life and ended up with negative experiences. I like to keep thing pretty damn positive all of the time. They have taken up time and energy (or rather I have ALLOWED them to take up my time and energy – more fool me), but here’s my message to people like them, the flakes, the fantasists, the ones that are all talk and the down right ill mannered.

Keep out of my way. 

I’ve got real work to do. I’ve got REAL ACTION to take. Don’t you dare try and slow me down.



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