Top 10 Social Media & Business posts of 2013

Top 10 Social Media & Business posts of 2013

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It’s time to review the Top 10 business and social media blog posts of the year, as voted by your clicks and readership (thank you!).

No 10

Tools you can use to build your authority & show your expertise in your industry

No 9

10 ways to promote your blog posts after you’ve hit ‘publish’

No 8

Is it ever ok to automate your tweeting schedule?

No 7

How to maximise your use of social media for business when strapped for time online

No 6

How to decide a fee for your social media reporting services

No 5

Top 10 ways to find your next best clients!

No 4

How to get things done & increase productivity at work

No 3

How to start a career in social media

No 2

How to build a business by being yourself

insert terrible Top Of The Pops version of A Whole Lotta Love 

NO 1

And holding the No 1 spot in the blogging charts is…..

My Top 5 tips on using social media for small businesses

Stay tuned for my last blog post of the year!

I’m going to share my tips and advice on all the changes and introductins I made to my business in 2013 and they are things that you may like to try in 2014! And to make sure you don’t miss this bumper blog post, get a complimentary subscription to my social media and business newsletter (and get special offers that I don’t give anywhere else!), and you’ll have it delivered hot off the press & straight to your inbox.  Register here 🙂


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