It beats dying a slow death at an office desk

I’ve just done an exclusive interview with Cool College Helpers  about how I escaped the rat race to become an entrepreneur.

If you want to know more about how I did that and my story, then it’s a recommended read! Plus I’ll be sharing the pros and cons of running your own business compared to having a job, and how the ‘allure’ of having a ‘safe and secure’ job can be the thin end of the wedge in giving away your FREEDOM! Check it out here!

If you would like to interview me for your blog/podcast/google hangout etc, then just hit reply to the email and we’ll set it up! 🙂


PS! Would you like to be financially independent so you can call ALL the shots in your life? Then join my FREE training.

There doesn’t have to be a limit on how you live your life.

It is totally possible for you to call ALL the shots. This is the way I live my life now…. not one person gets a say in what I do, where I have to be, whose company I keep, the money I earn. I will tell you exactly how I have achieved this.

I’m going to tell you how I have created a life of TOTAL financial independence (and no, there are no rich parents or a partner backing me) over the last 9 years where I run my online business in 20 hours a week doing EXACTLY what I love. If I can do it, you sure as hell can too!

It’s happening this Monday 31st August at 7pm GMT

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