Your Self Worth & Financial Success

Your Self Worth & Financial Success


I hope you’ve had an amazing week!

I’ve just returned to Birmingham early this morning. I left Glastonbury at 4am because I have a new preference of experiencing the motorways when they are quiet. It was actually quite a blissful journey. I love seeing the sun come up and setting my intentions for the day.

Your Self Worth & Financial Success


I had a wonderful, transformative 2 weeks in Glastonbury in my country ‘retreat’, but it’s lovely to be back in my little Birmingham palace again. Besides, it won’t be long before I’m back in the heart of the heart chakra of the world.

Remember the 11 questions I sent you in my last email? Well, I’m feeling the uplevelling as a result of doing the work on them.

Boom – Shift
Boom – Next Level
Boom – Energy cleared
Boom – Unstoppable

If you haven’t gone through the questions already, here’s the link. I HIGHLY recommend it if you are ready for YOUR next level.

Back to TODAY.

I want to talk to you about self worth and money. In particular I wanted to ask, if you aren’t making the money that you want to make, or you aren’t making ENOUGH, are you truly honouring yourself?

If you KNEW that everything was available to you, there would be NO LACK in your life, and that includes finances.

As you know, I’ve had my own money journey so this isn’t coming from a place of judgement. It’s certainly something I can identify in the past version of me who struggled and lived in lack. Watch the video here and tell me what your thoughts are, or if I can help you, drop me an email (I’m offer 1:1 VIP Days whilst I’m in Birmingham for the next 10 days).

Your Self Worth & Financial Success



Personal Prosperity Week is happening in AUGUST!

Come along and work with either myself or Sandra Mayela Cole during Personal Prosperity Week in Glastonbury

Early bird tickets are on sale now and the sale ends in 5 DAYS time, so you’d better be quick!

Your Self Worth & Financial Success

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