Laptop life update and creating YOUR life of FREEDOM!

Laptop life update and creating YOUR life of FREEDOM!

I’ve made a quick video update about my laptop life and also how YOU can live YOUR life of FREEDOM.

Can you forgive yourself if you allow another day, another month, another YEAR to go by without taking claiming the life that you want?

Get impatient for your success! Put your ALL behind hit. Claim the FREEDOM that you want. Help people in whatever way you are here to help them….

…to inspire them with your writing or art
…to share your story and give others hope
…to show people how to make money
…to raise people up
…to be the best at whatever YOU do in the world and change people’s lives….

Don’t let apathy ruin your dreams.

Tune into today’s video here

PS! We start on MONDAY!

Do you want my help in clearing you mind, getting rid of the crap (inside and outside of your mind) and clearing the way for your true SUCCESS?

If the actions you are taking aren’t taking you towards what you want on a daily basis, then you are going AWAY from what you want!

I’m opening up ONE place on a 30 day intensive to work with me. That’s me by your side, every day, with YOU taking massive action towards the results you want!

I will be in your business, literally, and we will leave no stone untuned in getting you aligned so that you are clear on….

Exactly what you are here to do. No more hiding. We will strip away the layers to find the gold within you that you can share with the world and change YOUR life and the lives of others.

Money! There is NO LIMIT on your earning power when you decide to take ownership of your full potential but you sure as hell are putting a cap on it by not selling. We will design your income streams, price them and start asking for the money that you want to build your own EMPIRE!

Branding. What does brand YOU look like? This is personal branding in the most personal away. When people see you they will KNOW who you are, what you stand for and how you can HELP THEM!

Cutting the crap. We are going to go through your current activities with a fine tooth comb and DITCH the crap and to clear the way for your MOST IMPORTANT activities that will get you further, faster.

Your personal routine for success. You want it to happen, then MAKE the space for it! We are talking prioritising your daily activities for success.

Who you are going to work with and have as AMAZING CLIENTS! No more compromising or second guessing….

And everything you want right now to get LIFT OFF at last!

None of the this is complicated, in fact, it’s surprisingly simple. What’s hard is figuring this all out on your own without support (been there done that and it’s SO much easier when you have someone by your side!)

This is 30 days of NO HOLDS BARRED intensive action and commitment. I’ll be ALL IN for your success and of course, I expect the same from YOU. That’s why I’m only opening up ONE place for this 30 day intensive.

This is one of the highest levels you can work with me at and it will be challenging, exciting, and life-changing. I WILL be pushing you, I WILL be challenging you, I WILL be right by your side.

This isn’t for someone who just wants to dip their toes in the water. It’s a commitment, mentally, financially, emotionally and it’s a time investment. And it’s PERFECT for the RIGHT person who is ready to say HELL YES to living the life they were born to live!

Shed the self-imposed restrictions that are holding you back. Now is the time to set yourself FREE & truly claim what you want. All in.

Are you the ONE? Email me, or PM me on Facebook and let’s get your success LOCKED IN! 

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Laptop life update! 

Do you know what’s up-levelling? My neighbours with Rolls Royces in their drive. Luxury up-levels my mindset for sure!

Yesterday I took a drive into a little town and had lunch by the river Thames, and I also spotted a dream car!

But that beautiful house that you see in the background of the photo turned a LITTLE scary last night at 10pm when the erupted into sound with banging, tapping, dragging noises which seemed to be coming from both outside and upstairs at the same! Let’s just say my heart was racing and I still don’t know what caused all the noise! It felt like a scene from a movie…. a lone female in an old, isolated house….. 😀

Laptop life update and creating YOUR life of FREEDOM!


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