You are the boss! Designing your ideal business

You are the boss! Designing your ideal business

you are the bossIf you are going to go build your own business, then you may as well build it exactly how you want it to be from Day One.

A lot of people, and I was definitely one of them, who leave the 9-5 and start their own businesses don’t start off with the design of their business in mind.

Years ago, when I launched myself into the world of business I hadn’t a clue. I gave no thought to HOW I wanted my business to look like, WHO I wanted to work with, how many HOURS I wanted to work, what MONEY I wanted to make.

Instead, I jumped around working with everyone who asked me to (Wow, they WANT me to work with them, how flattering, I’d better say yes!). And when I ended up with difficult customers (because I had no filter on who I attracted) I’d jump through hoops trying to make them happy.

I’d allow people to haggle over money. Or tell me what I can be paid, or how much their budget was.

I’d allow people to drag their heels on timelines, thus wasting my time and causing annoyance.

I’d say ‘yes’ to everyone who wanted to ‘pick my brain over coffee’; free advice for them and half a day wasted for me.

I could go on, but you get the idea…. I had no DESIGN in my business or how I wanted it to look. It was all so scattered and random and messy and much HARDER WORK than it could have been.

When you just GO INTO business rather than start with designing it around your life and what makes you happy, this makes things more difficult. You are jumping around. You are like a puppet who allows clients to pull your strings. You do stuff you CAN do, but that you don’t really LOVE doing.


What does your ideal/perfect/dream business look like?

How do you to create a business you LOVE; Do only the things you LOVE doing.

I’ve got a sum for you;

Things you love doing – Things you don’t love doing = Ideal business

I can take my calculations even further!

People that you love working with – people that you don’t love working with = Ideal clients

And even further still!

Ideal business + ideal clients = Holy freakin’ awesome!

If you are just starting out, or you are 10 years into your business, or you are reading this from your office and you are ready to tell your boss to stick it, it’s a perfect time to start designing your business now.

I’ve got some questions to think about. Don’t over think these questions. Just see what pops into your mind.

Remember, this isn’t what you think you SHOULD be doing, but you WANT to be doing. This isn’t what your friends, family, sister, father, dog thinks you SHOULD do. There are no restrictions here so ditch any limited thinking you have.

What do you want to do? How do you want to spend your time when you are working? How do you want to fill the hours and days that make up your business? In your ideal, dream, perfect business what is the thing or things that will make your most excited to get to be able to do?

Business and life are one of the same. They are so closely intertwined and when you are doing work you love, then it doesn’t feel like work. But it’s important in designing your dream business to have an ideal of how many hours you want to work. Do you want to work 4 hours a day (that’s what I’m doing), or 10 hours a day? How many days a week? Two days a week? Or maybe 6? It’s entirely up to you. You don’t have to build a business around hard work that you don’t enjoy that takes 12 hours a day.

WHO do you want to work with?! Forget about the clients that have money but are a pain in the ass. They are NOT anyone’s ideal clients. Who do you really want to spend your time with? Whose energy do you enjoy the most? What type of personalities do they have? What are their attitudes? For example; I only work with positive people with a go-getting attitude who are willing to take action to get what they want. They are the people that I get the biggest kick out of spending time with. Who will you get a kick out of working with in YOUR business. You get an absolute say in who you work with and who you don’t work with.

How much MONEY do you want to earn? Forget about the competition and what they are charging. What do you actually want to charge for your services? And don’t get into that swapping time for money thing! For example; I want to earn $xx per hour. If you want to earn $xx per hour, then go get a job and you can earn $xx per hour. You are already putting a limit on what you can charge and earn. If you can deliver something to someone in 5 minutes, but it’s worth $10,000 to them, are you going to charge for 5 minutes work? No. What amazing results do your IDEAL CLIENTS get from working with you and what do you want to be paid for those results? It’s a simple as that.

Ok! There’s some food for thought. It’s totally possible for you to have a business & life that is exactly how you want it to be. You just have to decide what that is! And just because you have done things one way or a long time, it doesn’t mean you can’t STOP doing that right away. YOU are the boss remember. YOU have the final say!

Believe more is possible.


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