I wrote this in June 2014

I wrote this in June 2014

I wrote the following in June 2014 when I wanted to take my life and business to the next level and clear the way for more success.

I had all those things then, but there’s always another level and the degree in which I have them has increased 10-fold.


I set my intention.
I made it a done deal.
I took action EVERY SINGLE DAY.
I would not accept anything less.
I made up my mind that I would keep going UNTIL it happened.

If you did the same with ANY of your goals success would be in the palm of your hand.

That’s not to say I didn’t have challenges along the way; some of the biggest of my life – but I got on with it REGARDLESS.

Here’s what I wrote.

I want choice, freedom, adventure, new things, freedom, passive income, financial freedom, no one telling me what to do, no one telling me how to work, no one ‘leading’ me. I want to be the leader! I want to be the one in charge of my destiny. I want to be the one who sets her own agenda and to decide how my life goes. I’m not here to dance to someone else’s tune. I want to inspire. I want to encourage. I want to be known as someone who lives life on her terms and says ‘f*ck you’ to people who say it can’t be done’. I AM doing it.

I want YOU to write out your intentions for the life you want and the work that you want to do and the money that you want to make. Write them down and revisit them each and every day. Where your mind is focused your actions will follow. Make YOUR success a done deal and stop wasting your time wishing, hoping, and NOT taking action. That’s what MOST people do and you are NOT most people! 

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Laptop life update! 

This morning I’m working… doing this email, 2 coaching calls with awesome private clients, and then it’s time to pack (all) my bags (did I tell you have VERY over-packed I am? Easy to do with a car!).

Tomorrow I’m heading to the Malvern Hills, and area of outstanding natural beauty here in the UK. I’ll be staying in a converted barn that’s on a 250 acre working farm; sheep mainly I think. They will be having lambs so I’m hoping the farmer will be friendly and let me have me some lamb hugs! And chicks, there should, fingers crossed, be little chicks too!I’m going to miss this gorgeous view (bottom right). It’s what I’m looking out at as I type this message to you; big ever-changing sky, birds flying FREE and that gorgeous horizon. Who knows what my views will be like tomorrow! 🙂
I wrote this in June 2014
Your life, your business, your way. Believe more is possible.
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