A Crazy Way To Live

A Crazy Way To Live

Tell me, which is a crazy way to live?

A life following one’s passions that has no guarantee that anything will ever work out but where you develop yourself to your full potential like no other life choice will do?

A life where money fluctuates, you win some, you loose some, but you are willing to risk it ALL for a life of FREEDOM – and by willing to risk it all you have already set yourself free.

A life where no two days are the same and you get to decide WHO you have in your life?

A life where YOU make every single decision and you truly call the shots and with that you take FULL responsibility for every outcome.

Some people would call that CRAZY. 

Or is it CRAZY to follow the norm. The 99%. The herd? To choose a life of certain boredom?

One of barely fully living – except when you are allowed time ‘off’ so you can fit in the things you DO love?

One where safety is never guaranteed and where a job can be swiped away from you at any time – no-one owe you a living (but what do you owe YOURSELF?!).

One where you don’t get a choice about who you spend the majority of your time (your life!) with?

A life where you hand over your personal responsibility for your success and earning power for someone else to decide?

Make sure you tune in to my video today!

When you have a choice – which you DO – why choose anything less that the life you actually WANT?

Laptop life update! 

I thought I was in the animal shed on my own last night. I had popped in to say goodnight to the lambs. Except I didn’t see the farmer, who witnessed my chatter with the lambs haha. The farmer said I’d just missed the birth of 2 little ones. I’d love to have seen that! And I’m having fun collecting the eggs every morning too!

A Crazy Way To Live

And just to contrast the rough and ready side of farm life, I’ve been ensuring balance by hitting up some 4* hotels. I’m at a spa hotel right now and this is my view over the Malvern Hills as a I write to you…

A Crazy Way To Live

I’m about to find a country pub for some luncheon and then head to my next 4* hotel. It’s one I’ve already been to this week and it’s definitely a favourite! In fact, it’s where I filmed the video you just watched!

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Believe more is possible,

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