What Are You Running Away From

What Are You Running Away From

We’ve got 2 types of freedom.

Freedom FROM


Freedom TO.

Let’s talk about freedom FROM (aka running away from) first.

Using myself as an example, I seek freedom FROM…

a j.o.b
a boss
other people’s rules
being told what to do in any shape or form

Those are the things I am running away from and seeking freedom from.

It’s worth acknowledging that not everyone is cut out for a life of freedom – there is such a thing as TOO MUCH FREEDOM for some people where they can be paralysed by indecision. There is certainly a lot of personal responsibility that is created by choosing a life of freedom. Some people are happier being told what to do.

Even I, with as much freedom as anyone I know, got struck by freedom-paralyses on a couple of occasions when travelling. Recently whilst laptop-life-ing it around the UK and a couple of years ago when travelling around Europe. Each time I had the world at my feet and yet it was like there was TOO much choice and I was blinded by indecision of where to go. Not a terrible predicament to be in by any means, but noting my mental reaction to ‘too much’ freedom was interesting.

We’ve also got the place of freedom in history; where freedom has (and is still) fought for. People in history have FOUGHT for the freedoms we enjoy today, but that’s rarely at the top of our minds.

Even though I think society and business and our working lives aren’t set up to be in our favour at all, at the same time, we are living in times and in places where we have the option to live incredibly free lives, if we walk away from the ‘norm’. A brave move perhaps, but incredibly worth it.

Let’s talk about FREEDOM TO…

I seek freedom TO

Live a creative life
Express myself fully every day
Live a spontaneous life
Follow my heart and my passions
Call all the shots & live my life how I please

I imagine it’s the same for you too!

It’s important to get some clarity about what freedom looks like to you and one of the ways to do this is to do a quick analysis of what you are seeking freedom FROM and TO.

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What Are You Running Away From


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