Crisis Selling!

Crisis Selling!

We have unlimited potential to make the money that we want and we are in a prime time to do it. In fact NOW is always a good time to make money!

Generally speaking, success begets success in any area. It’s easier to make more money when you are already making money! 

BUT it’s also easy to take your foot of the gas when it comes to making money when you have enough coming in. It’s easy to coast.


I see this pattern happen time and time again, and it’s something that I’ve done before to my cost. It’s something I will NEVER do again.

Do NOT allow yourself to get comfortable or content with your success with money. 

When your money needs are taken care of, then it’s easy to turn your attention to something else and you…

Slow up on asking for the sale
Slow up on creating things for sale

And when you next look up and peak into your bank account you get a SHOCK! Where has all your lovely lucre gone?!

(That’s another reason why I advocate giving time to your money management and money mindset every single day. You can’t afford NOT to!)

You then have a money crisis on your hands and you start CRISIS SELLING!

Here’s the thing with crisis selling – and I’m talking from experience. It’s HARD GOING. You will have LOST your money momentum and you will need to get it going again, but this time under stress and probably FEAR around money.

That’s is NOT a good place to operate from.

Another thing that happens that makes it HARDER to make the sale is that people pick up on your energy. They FEEL that you are selling from the wrong place they just don’t want to buy from someone with a vibe of desperation! Why would they?

Even if they don’t actually know what’s going on, they just pick up on the vibe.

Which adds the the crisis.

It can be a real catch 22 situation before you know it.

How to avoid CRISIS SELLING?

Use your money momentum! Ride it. Make hay when the sun shines. Use the confidence you are feeling around making money to sell MORE! Keep doing what you are doing and what’s working for you!

What to do if you are in CRISIS SELLING MODE right NOW?

You MUST shift your mindset for your financial success.

One of the things I did that helped me get OUT of crisis selling and into PROSPERITY selling was when I decided that I’d had ENOUGH of operating from a weak position – it took up too much time, energy and emotion. INSTEAD I decided to operate from the place that I wanted to BE in – MAKING THE MONEY THAT I WANTED.

You must put your worry, fear, insecurity aside. I would allow myself 5 minutes worry time a day – instead of having 99% of worry time a day! 5 minutes was MORE than enough time to worry. I then shifted my mindset to success and to the mindset I actually WANTED TO HAVE and operated from that place; a much more POWERFUL PLACE. People will pick up on THAT energy and then your fortune will begin to turn around.

No matter what, through crisis, or confidence, DO NOT STOP SELLING. Do NOT be defeated. Do not surrender to your circumstances you are more powerful than that!

Power up and assert your right to make the money that you want.

I want you to make more money in your business doing what you LOVE – and avoid CRISIS SELLING. You’e made a commitment to yourself and your life and you deserve to go ALL IN!

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