If you don’t buy, it THEY won’t buy it

If you don't buy, it THEY won't buy it

Sales 101.

If you don’t buy it, they wont’ buy it!

If you don’t 100% believe in your product or service don’t sell it and don’t put your name to it.

Even IF you do try and sell it and force it to ‘work’,  you can be sure you will be doing yourself and your clients a disservice plus you will have one hell of a hard time making the sale in the first place.

You’ve GOT to believe in your product and service.

You’ve GOT to KNOW that it meets your clients needs.

You’ve GOT to understand what your clients needs are and how you can meet them.

It’s GOT to solve a problem for them. Give them what they want aligned with what you can provide.

You’ve got to LISTEN to your clients. Give them the chance to tell you their problems and ask questions. Give them space to speak to you.

My clients do all of this and more. They wouldn’t DARE sell anything that they can’t fully back with their hearts, souls and rock solid belief (or they’ll have me to answer to!), and that’s reflected in their sales.

Dump the shit that you aren’t fully behind, that you are putting out there for the sake of making sales but you don’t believe in and RAISE your sales standards.

Want to be at the top of your game? Then raise your standards of success.

This week I’m going to be working 1:1 with TWO driven women (or men!) who want my expert eyes on on their business, sales and money.

This is going to be a 2-hour session where we work through your SALES BLOCKS, we examine what you are selling and WHY you are selling it so you can get CLEAR about HOW you sell it so you can make more money.

We are going to talk about how to make offers and sales fast so you can hit your money goals.

If you want to work with me THIS WEEK, then email me karenstrunks@gmail.com or PM me on Facebook. These 2 places are going to sell out TODAY, so get your name on one of them now!

Believe more is possible.

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Laptop Life Update!

I’m all installed in my new home! My BEAUTIFUL new home I should say. Think true English cottage (well, without the thatched roof, but the next door neighbour has one of those haha).

The oldest part of the house was built in 1650. I think this is the oldest property I’ve ever stayed in! There have been 2 more extensions to the house since then so some of it is a little newer.

It’s got incredible views over 8 acres of gardens and I’m hoping for some beautiful days so I can sit under the shade of a big tree and get inspired and do my work.

I spent 90 mins splashing about in the oh-so-warm swimming pool yesterday. I really don’t like public baths, so this is like a slice of swimming heaven, and I’m making this a daily occurrence whilst I’m here.

If you don't buy, it THEY won't buy it

I think I’m going to be quite happy here!

#DreamLife #DesignYourLife

Karen xx

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