Leadership Skills: Face Your Fears & Speak Your Truth

Leadership Skills: Face Your Fears & Speak Your Truth

The truth sets you free. Always. It elevates you to the next level, but you won’t experience that UNTIL you allow yourself to step towards your truth. 


When you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear. There is so much liberation in that. 


I’ve faced my fears time and time again. I’ve spoken the truth even when I’ve literally felt like being sick as I’ve hit the ‘publish’ button. 


I thought that my life would be ruined, that I would lose friends, family, clients. I thought I would lose money and my home. I thought I would be publicly shamed. But those were risks I was willing to take. 


You have to be willing to lose it all to have it all. 


When you stand up to fear it collapses, but so many people freeze in the face of fear and that’s as far as they get. 


I’ll share with you now that 99% of my fears didn’t come true, and the 1% that did happen? 

I coped. 

I learned. 

I dealt with it and moved on from an even stronger position. 


That’s how we grow. 

That’s how we live. 

That’s how we conquer these spectres of fear that we create. 


When you face your fears, they diminish into dust. 


We create the spectre of fear in our minds but that’s just our outdated programming trying to keep us ‘safe’. It’s the inner critic made up of other people’s and society’s fears that you have inherited (be very mindful about the company you keep and who/what you absorb online). That inner critic wants you to stay small, stay in fear and  live within your comfort zone.


You can even get really pragmatic about it and spend some time thinking about what you are actually afraid of. Make a list. And then methodically, one by one, step towards that fear, and take empowered action until you have CONQUERED that fear. You can do it.  


So, in stepping up as a leader show people the good, but also reveal your battle scars. Share your experiences and what makes you beautifully and uniquely YOU. 


Some leaders and visionaries get stuck around showing emotion, but set yourself free. EXPRESS yourself and the very fibre of your being. THAT’S how you will attract those that you are here to help. That’s how you will build your tribe. 


Also, this is an extremely natural way of doing business because there’s no falsity, or pretending to be someone you are not. The other advantage is that you are NOT trying to appeal to everyone or please anyone, and there’s no compromise. 


The people that don’t vibe with you, your message and your truth? They can ignore you and just fade away. 


THIS is how you get to help the people you are here to help. In everything you write and say, speak your truth. Your words have INCREDIBLE POWER so do not taint them with anything other than what is TRUE FOR YOU. 


If you would like to work with me over the next 6 weeks on resetting your beliefs, and becoming aligned with your truth so that you are in a stronger position to help others, make money, and create more impact, reach out to me today and let’s talk about how I can help you. karenstrunks@gmail.com

Believe more is possible, 


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