Don’t Use The Strugglers As Your Advisors

Don't Use The Strugglers As Your Advisors

Have you noticed how many people endorse the hard way of life;

You have to work hard for your money

Life’s a struggle and a bitch

There’s always someone out to get you

These people are experiencing that what they put out is what they receive from life.

They endorse this way of life and want YOU to believe it to be true too because there is safety in numbers. They want you to be like them too; it’s confirmation that they are right and misery loves company.

Be sure you aren’t taking on the thoughts, energy or advice of the ones that see the world through lack as they know nothing about making it work.

Let’s not forget how the media portrays life; it blasts the ‘struggles’ of life before out eyes and into our minds 24/7. That’s it’s job, but it doesn’t have to be part of your life. You can, like I have, opt out.

When you are living a life of abundance, and tune into your energy and flow, the struggle cannot exist. If you believe life is tough, you are taking on all those negative emotions that go along with it; that’s not a strong place to operate from.

I’m not saying you don’t have to put forth EFFORT. Yes, of course do that! But effort is a totally different energy to slog and ‘hard’ work.

Here’s the thing about people like us, who are pursuing our goals, no matter what – 99% of other people just won’t get it.

They can’t understand it. That’s because they haven’t experienced it.

They’ll never know the drive that keeps us going day in and day out – even when the outward ‘results’ aren’t showing up. We KNOW we will never give up on ourselves. It’s an obsession. It’s our calling. It’s something that cannot be switched off. It would be like switching off our heart beat.

That’s why I want you to be mindful of who you are allowing to advise you on your journey. Do not pick the strugglers.

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