How to up-level your success so that you have a bigger impact and make more money

How to up-level your success so that you have a bigger impact and make more money.

After 10 years in business I can say that success hasn’t always come easy. I’ve had many ups and downs. Sometimes the road felt rocky and that may be the same for you. It’s during those times that you’ve got to be sure of what your goal is so that you can stay confirmed and committed to your actions.

Sometimes not everyone will like what you do. Sometimes you’ll come up against adversaries. But you’ve just got to ride it out.

To be truly successful is to be true to you, and then to show people who you are so they get to know you and take notice so that they can see your star qualities.

Do not be afraid of controversy because of the result of you being true to you. No-one can really cause you any harm.

Sometimes you might feel lonely and you will at times be alone. Treasure those alone times as that’s often when ideas will strike you. I love luxuriating in alone time and letting the ideas and creativity flow; planning my next move, my next creation, my next piece of art in whatever form that takes – there are no limits remember!

I believe you can be as rich as you like. Give people what they want and they will pay you for it. The path can be paved with riches and it’s up to you to gather up the diamonds. The only limit to your money is the limit you have placed on it.

Do not be afraid to negotiate hard to get the money you want. This is an area that women often shy away from whereas men know what they want, expect it and are more used to getting what they want. Make sure you always assert your rights around your money.

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