How do you define success?

How do you define success?

How do you define success?

What do we mean by success?

How is success judged?

Is it what the world tell us about success?

Is it what our friends tell us about success?

Is success being able to live by our values and principles?

There’s a lot of talk about success in my world; I talk about it, I empower other women to have more of it, it’s a key topic for my friends and colleagues.

But what is success, and can it even be defined? If so, WHO gets to define it? Who gets to define YOUR success.

Success is definitely something that’s at the forefront of my mind, looking back at my writings for the last 10 years.

Success is the homeless person who gets up on another cold morning and lives another gruelling, exhausting day.

Success is the woman with a global empire.

Success is the woman who gives more than she takes.

Success is being happy.

Success is being a billionaire.

What are MY successes?

The first thing that comes to mind is FREEDOM. The fact that I have cultivated a life of freedom, where I am answerable to no-one and I get to follow my passions and calling every day is the ultimate success. And I think that’s something most of us seek – more freedom in our lives. It’s certainly the driving force behind everything that I do and say.

Overcoming depression. That’s certainly another one. To go from spending years in the depths of depression with thoughts of suicide on a daily basis to being able to love life again…that’s success.

To be able to affect other people’s lives and do life-changing work inspiring, motivating and empowering others by sharing my stories, experiences, knowledge, energy and attitude is another way I measure success.

Facing homelessness more than once and yet managing to escape it. That’s a success.

Being able to make my own money doing what I love, and being financially independent is another way I measure my success.

Another success? To live a life without compromise. That wasn’t always the case when I was an employee so to have that authority over my life now is incredibly important.

In a world where success is often defined as having the latest and the biggest of everything (which I’m not knocking by the way), or where we allow ourselves to be overly influenced by the people we follow and surround ourselves with online

Don’t let other people define your success. Who we surround ourselves with has a HUGE affect on our lives and it can be so easy, even if you aren’t that easy persuaded, to ‘adopt’ other people’s versions of success as our own.

I would love for you to take 10 minutes today to really think about what success means to you and to double check you aren’t following anyone else’s version. It’s not that hard as it’s often the first thing that comes to our mind. It might seem to far removed from where you are now, but it’s not impossible. I don’t believe you have dreams, goals or ambitions that you can’t achieve.

Remember, believe more is possible,

karen sig

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