Lies! Lies! Lies!

Lies! Lies! Lies!

There is so much bull around business that it makes it hard for people to believe business can be simple.

It makes me so mad. I know I can’t change everyone as they so deeply believe in the lies. Mind you, I got caught up in it all a few years back. Thankfully I woke up!

I just want to make sure you aren’t falling for these business lies & making life & business harder for yourself instead of it being FUN, FREE, LIBERATING AND LIFE CHANGING!

1. You need a big list to make money.

A list helps. A big list help more, especially if they are the RIGHT people. BUT you DON’T need a list to make money. I ran 3 businesses over 7 years without a list.

2. You need to follow the rules of social media & marketing.

I used to teach the rules of social media & online marketing to big brands and small businesses. I believed in it all at the time. Then one day I didn’t want to be a teacher anymore, and I didn’t want to teach rules. I dropped it all and walked away. I wondered if my business would fall apart, but I was willing to take that RISK. Do you know what happened? NOTHING! Business as usual EXCEPT I had given myself the FREEDOM to do what I wanted, when I wanted!

3. You can’t come across as ‘salesy’ if you want people to buy.

You are in business, SELL. Don’t try and ‘hide’ your selling. Don’t be ashamed of selling. That all takes energy. Tell people how you can help then and make it clear that they can buy something. Don’t make selling hard work.

4. You need to implement a ‘system’ for months on end to see results.

This is one I saw yesterday, from someone I know, disappointingly. You can see results very quickly. The same day even! And that’s without a system or step by step guide. And it’s absolute bull that you must follow any sort of system to have success.

Check in with yourself rebels. Make sure you aren’t falling for these lies that will suck up your time, energy, money and lead you a merry dance!

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If you want to cut straight to the chase, learn how to ‘un-brainwash’ yourself from the rules and the lies and you want to do business and life in a way that is natural, FUN and simple and you are ready to work with me, then make sure you email me today and let’s talk.



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