It’s all YOURS!

It's all YOURS!

Happy Monday!

Here’s what’s on my mind as we start a brand new week….

The beautiful thing about knowing that you can do what you want is in the actual DOING what you want.

It’s not just the acknowledgement that you can do it all ‘on your terms’, it’s that you actually DO do it ALL on your terms.

It’s not enough just believing that you can have a life of freedom, it’s CHOOSING that freedom for yourself every day.

It’s one thing knowing that you don’t have to follow the rules, but the proof is in having the courage to NOT follow the rules yourself.

  • Uncertainty is a guarantee.

  • Taking risks is prerequisite.

  • Feeling fear but learning to continue despite that fear is essential.

  • Thinking that you are mad for doing what you are doing….ha! Just a sign that you are on the right track.

I don’t want you to fill your 2017 with more shoulds, and musts and rules and looking outside or yourself for permission to live the life you envision for yourself. You have that permission right now. You are born with permission.

Following your heart, and your calling is the greatest gift you can give yourself and the world at large.

Never be afraid to walk away from the things and the people that don’t light you up. Every time you do that the world will open up further opportunities for you. You can never loose out by letting go.

I’ve walked away from so many things when they stopped feeding my soul. Things I’ve did put my heart and soul into. Things I cried and bled over. Things that I went without sleep for. Things that I was determined to create and make a success because they were my passions. But despite all the time, effort, investment. Despite the money those things generated. Despite how much other people loved them…when my soul wasn’t on fire, I walked away.

You could call me the queen of re-invention. I’m proof that you can be, do and have whatever you want. There are no restrictions, except the ones you place upon yourself.

I’m inspired to write this today as we start a brand new week, and as I start a brand new day. And as I look around at the empire of freedom I have created, I’m thinking, really, my day could go in any number of ways. I can wake up and ask, ‘What do I want to do today?’ and do that. And usually the answer to that question is, ‘I will work’, because that feeds my soul. And within ‘work’ there are more choices – what do I want that ‘work’ to look like? And of course, it can take any form I want it to because there are no rules to follow and there is knowing that I can do what I want and ACTUALLY doing what I want.

And as for money, well, quite simply you can monetize whatever you want. There hasn’t been a passion that I’ve followed that hasn’t made money, so this reinforces my belief that financial opportunities are always available to me no matter what I am selling. Of course, you don’t have to monetize your passions – but we are in BUSINESS after all! And what’s the alternative if you don’t?

It’s all about this – FREEDOM.

There’s so much I want to do in 2017. So many passions to follow. I got so excited about them all and THEN? I got scared. I thought I would never be able to do them all! That something’s got to give and I have to make a choice. I had to be ‘sensible’ and admit that even I had limits, and that I should simplify; just choose one thing and stick with it. I was disappointed by that realisation but thought it just had to be that way.

BUT, I can’t IGNORE my passions. I can’t push them to one side to wait another year. I mean, I literally can’t. My soul won’t allow it. It nags at me when I quash my wanting. I bet it’s the same for you too. That feeling inside that pulls at you no matter how much you try and put it back in it’s box.

However, as 2017 is unfolding and as embrace my callings, it turns out I CAN and I AM following all my passions. I don’t have to choose. The world isn’t making me decide on one thing. It turns out I can, and I AM, creating the new vision for my life.

And you can create YOUR vision for your life too. If only you will set yourself free of restrictive thoughts and beliefs. There are no limits. If you have one passion – fantastic! That’s more than most people have! If you have 10 – go for it! Look for the evidence around you of other people who are doing something similar. Look for the proof, because it is there.

If you want my help in creating your life of freedom and how to do it, then come and speak to me if you are a self-starter, determined to get there with, or without my help, you have taken full responsibility for where you are in your life and business right now and you are truly ready to embrace change. If you are ready for change, then I’m ready to talk. Email

It's all YOURS!

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