What’s robbing you of your freedom and eroding your soul?

It’s doing the things you think they have to do.

It’s doing work you don’t like.

It’s doing things that you really aren’t interested in doing.

It’s spending time with people who just aren’t a right fit for you.

Bit by bit, it causes an erosion of the soul. Believe me, I’ve been there and I’ve been on a journey to reclaim my soul ever since. I think I’m getting there.

When you step into claiming a life of freedom, then you find that you remove so many of the frictions that life just becomes easier.

Depending on the level of freedom you have claimed for yourself, this means…

You are free to spend your time doing as you please.

You have the freedom to follow what really interests you and lights you up.

You eradicate the need to be told what to do by a boss.

You are free from annoying work colleagues!

You can do the work that you are really here to do.

You can design your life and lifestyle.

You don’t have to wake up to an alarm clock anymore.

You spend time with people who raise you up.

You can become location free.

You are free to fully express yourself.

You are free to create your legacy.

You don’t have to conform.

You can make your own rules for life.

The things is, doing things that erodes your soul and robs you of your freedom takes up just as much (more!) energy and time as doing the things that can lead you to a life of freedom.

With a life of freedom there is less fight and more ease. Though that’s not to say the road to freedom will be smooth. You will be tested and through these tests you will learn what sort of man or woman you truly are. There is no other journey like it and the rewards of freedom are worth it.

Look today at what you are allowing to rob you of your freedom and erode your soul bit by bit and start to make a claim for the life you want.

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