Life Update: Saying Goodbye To My Spiritual Home

Life Update: Saying Goodbye To My Spiritual Home

I feel quite sad just writing this.

If you have been following my journey over the last 3 years you will know that Glastonbury has played a major part.

I doubt that it’s a coincidence that I ‘discovered’ Glastonbury after my spiritual awakening, (come and hear all about my awakening at my talk at the Tree of Life event in Birmingham on 20th October!).

From the first day I spent exploring the town I was smitten. My first visit was for just 2 nights and I cried when I had to leave the town. It felt like I was saying goodbye to a very dear friend.

Since my first visit in June 2016 I’ve spent 10 months of my life there.

I’m not surprised. Glastonbury welcomed so much and called me back to it again and again. It’s my kinda town.

Glastonbury has shown me just how many layers there are to life; the seen and the unseen.

And whilst I’m now being called back out in the bigger world, the ‘other’ world outside of Glastonbury’s magical boundaries I know that the door is open for my return at any time. And I’m sure I WILL return. This weekend in fact! Life Update: Saying Goodbye To My Spiritual Home

But it feels like my visits will be less frequent from now on whilst I continue on this journey and where-ever I’m being called to next.

Life is beautiful & I’m very grateful for everyone in it and ever experience, and as you are part of my journey, thank you too.

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Believe more is possible,

Life Update: Saying Goodbye To My Spiritual Home

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