Making Miracles Manifest

Making Miracles Manifest

Never has there been a time when I have been as certain of my power to create the reality I want. Over the last few years, this has become stronger and stronger.

When I manifest my desires I do feel that it is like a miracle!

What I’ve found is that when you are in manifesting-mode, you’ve got to RIDE IT! Enjoy it. Have fun with it. Believe it. Become more certain of it. Keep your energy up, and up and up!

What I’ve also found is that when the energy drops and we tap back into so-called ‘reality’ and we become bogged down with the day-to-day stuff that really isn’t important, and we give way to doubt, worry or even fear….that manifesting…? It will also give way. And you may wonder if it’s every to return again.

Your thoughts are the energy your put out and they return to you exactly what you put out. It’s such a miraculous, yet so purely natural, exchange.

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I want you to know, and FEEL, that you are more powerful than you realise. You are only scratching the surface of what is possible. Sometimes the power can feel a bit scary and we retreat back to ‘business as usual’, but you don’t have to retreat and you don’t have to feel scared.

You can be who ever you want. No-one as any authority over you – unless you give it to them.
You can do whatever you want. The only person stopping you is you.
You can have whatever you want. Feel it, believe it, live it and receive it.
Make your miracles manifest!

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Making Miracles Manifest

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