How To Have Happier Days

How To Have Happier Days

In the years that I had depression, happiness seemed so far out of reach that it didn’t seem to even exist anymore. My internal mantra was something like this…

‘Life is hard. Life is a struggle. Everything always goes wrong. I never get what I want. What the POINT?!’

If I had known then what I do now I could have shaved years off of my depression. In fact, I bet it would hardly have had a chance to take hold. And although I sometimes say I ‘lost’ many years to the disease, it taught me a lot, showed me how strong I am and ultimately how utterly responsible I am for my life, my happiness, my circumstances, relationships, health and environment.

Now, you may not be in the midst of depression but if you aren’t feeling happiness as your default, then read on!

Happiness isn’t contained in just one-off events. It’s available to you every single day.

Happiness lies within the everyday choices we make…

  • Shall I agree to see that friend whose default setting is on ‘moan’ and who doesn’t make me feel good, OR shall I decline the invitation and start reading that book that been waiting for me?
  • Shall I put on the news and absorb the worst of the world, OR shall I say NO to the news today and give my brain a break?
  • Shall I watch that movie about death and destruction, OR shall I try a comedy for a change?
  • Shall I continue to put up with my horrible boss and annoying colleagues at work, OR shall I start empowering myself by making plans to change my situation and life?
  • Shall I spend time focusing on what I don’t have and make excuses for the things I don’t have, OR shall I invest that time and energy in learning how to makes the changes in my life?
  • Shall I reach for that bar of chocolate that I know I will feel bad about eating afterwards, OR is there a feel-good alternative I can have?
  • Shall I spend time in arguing with a stranger on the internet, OR shall I just set new standards with myself and engage with more positive people?

Listen, you don’t have to learn to cope with unhappy days, you get to create the days, and life, you want.

You can feed and nourish your happiness, or feed and nourish your unhappiness. Whichever you give attention to, you’ll get more of.

In whatever action you are about to take, you always have a choice that will take you towards happiness. There is always an opposite to a decision that will bring you down. Choose the option that will bring you happiness. Every time. Every day. Build your happiness muscle.

In doing that repeatedly you will find yourself having happier days. Remember, it’s NORMAL to feel happy every day. It’s NOT normal to feel sad, angry, depressed etc. You are absolutely in control of your life and your experience of it. You have a choice. Choose happiness.

How To Have Happier Days

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How To Have Happier Days



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