Some people won’t get what you do and will never understand it!

Some people won't get what you do and will never understand it!

Here’s one of the frustrating things about living a life less ordinary where you aren’t following the ‘normal’ rules of society and it can affect free spirits like us who are following our passions…

..sometimes our friends and loved ones just won’t get what we do and they never will.

People understand….

working in offices

being a chief

being a doctor

being a teacher

being a gardener

But what they have a harder time understanding is what YOU do and WHY you do it.

It can be frustrating and saddening at the same time. No matter how much you try to explain, what words you use and how much energy you put into trying to get someone to understand, sometimes they just WON’T. GET. IT.

They won’t understand your stubbornness.

They won’t understand why you will go through hell and back to fight for your dreams.

They won’t understand that you’ve grown so much that you will never, CAN NEVER, return to the person you once were; your soul just won’t allow it.

They will think you are crazy.

They won’t get your vision for your life or relate to your deems, goals and desires.

Of course, this is a prime example of why you should find friends who are on a similar path to you and who DO understand you and what you are doing. These people will raise you up, cheer you on and celebrate your successes.

I remember times over the years when I tried to share my excitement and celebrations with friends who live their lives more traditionally…

‘Whooop! I’ve published my first book!’

‘OMG! I got an amazing new client’

‘I’ve been asked to speak at this conference!’

‘Wow. I hit a big money goal this month!’

‘Yay! I’ve been interviewed for the radio!’

…only to receive barely an acknowledgement in return. Talk about allowing their non-response to dampen my enthusiasm!

That’s why I’m writing this to you today, because maybe you have someone like that in your life, or indeed a few people, who just don’t get it and you are allowing it to dampen your joy in some way.

Here’s my advice….

Find some new friends who you can relate to and who relate to you. That’s going to make a huge difference. I’ve got a group of about 6 women like me who I regularly keep in touch with. We talk about what we are working on of course, but we are just there for each other if we have any questions, need a bit of support and want to share our celebrations.

Accept that not everyone will get who you are and what you do, and learn to be OK with that. It’s not your job to convince them, and the chances are you probably won’t. Don’t put your time, energy and emotions into trying to get them to understand. The chances are, as you grow, change and develop, a lot of these people will drift away as the gap between you increases and your journey’s begin to differ. Try not to feel sad when it happens because it’s perfectly natural. Nothing stays the same in life and some people are only meant to be in it for a certain period of time.

Never let another person’s lack of understanding stop you from following your dreams and goals. Hell, sometimes it won’t even make sense to you! We all have our own paths to follow in life. Sure, to step off the ‘normal’ path can be the tougher choice in so many ways, it will challenge you in ways that you can’t even imagine and you will find out what you are really made of, but with every step you will find that it is oh, so, worth it. Keep to your vision. You have a choice about whether you allow outside influences to affect you, or not.

I believe in you. Keep going.

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Some people won't get what you do and will never understand it!

Some people won't get what you do and will never understand it!

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