Change your energy to change your results!

Change your energy to change your results!

Do you want to harness the power of your energy so that you can get the results that you want?

You are giving out energy, aka vibrations, day and night.

I know that when my energy is low, then pretty much everything else seems to slow down too, but when I am feeling alive, and buzzing with great energy then WHOA, look out, because everything starts to line up and what I want comes my way. It sounds like magic, it FEELS like magic.

Let’s not forget about the ACTION part too; it’s SO much easier to take action towards the results that you want when your energy is high and it’s important that you are first of all aware of this and second of all, have some practices in place that help you get into the energy state that will support your success.

Your energy affects every area of your life;

your relationships (I’ve talked about how I attracted the worse relationship in my life when my energy was low
your friendships
your happiness
your business
your health
your wealth

You name it, it’s affected by your energy – positivity or negatively.

So! What to do when you know how powerful your positive energy can be and yet you just aren’t feeling very high energy?

I want to share some ways I manage my energy generally and also give you some ‘quick fixes’ so that you can up your energy and do it FAST!

A BIG one – I don’t watch, listen to, or read the news. Not a minute of it. EVER.

Another BIGGIE – I only allow positive people into my life and I am not afraid to let go of the wrong people; be it friends OR family.

I am mindful of what I am mentally consuming. There is a LOT of noise out there. What are you allowing to pollute your mind? (I’ve written more about there here

But let’s say you are doing all those things and yet there are some days when your energy is a bit meh? Here are some of my tips and I’d love you to comment below with YOURS!

I read, watch or listen to something inspiring. That’s often enough to shift my mindset.

I journal. I write it out, talk to myself and in a way, give myself a coaching session.

I make a list of things I am grateful for.

I put on some of my favourite music.

I might go to the gym. I’m into weight lifting right now and I when thinking about the metal I’m moving I get a rush. Get physical – a walk, a run, a dance, a skip or a jump! Change your energy to change your results!

I remember the times when I was feeling HIGH on life & remember what got me into that state. Sometimes re-living the memory is enough to feel the shift.

I go to some favourite places; usually nature. BIG wide open skies do it for me where I marvel at the size of the universe. I get perspective. If I want to shift my money mindset I like to go to a high-end place and feel some luxury. Your environment has a huge impact on your success – do not underestimate it!

There are SO many ways to shift your state and raise your energy so that you are supported for your success throughout the day – you do NOT A have to accept the mood you wake up to in the morning if it’s not the mood you want to have.

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Believe more is possible,

Change your energy to change your results!

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