How to predict your experience of life

How to predict your experience of life

How many times have you wished you had a crystal ball to look into so you could see a glimpse of the future?

Well, fortunately, you don’t need a crystal ball to predict your experience of life. All you need is some awareness.

Awareness of what?

Of what you are giving your attention to. Everything you give your attention to will form your experience.

I want to ask you, is what you are giving your attention to now forming the best life experience for you?

This goes for the big and the little things in life, and I want to remind you, that you won’t get your precious time and energy back, not in this lifetime anyway!

This applies to the…

  • Relationships you have. Set your standards and stick to them.

    The work you do. Don’t spend chunks of your life on work you don’t love!

    Where you spend your time. Get into environments that uplift you.

    The things you read, watch or listen to. Are they doing more harm than good?



All these things, and so much more of course, create your life experience, and if you keep spending your life on things that don’t match your vision for your life, then, well, we all know how that will end when we get to the end…

If I’d had this awareness year ago, it would have shaved a lot of time from some of life experiences that I allowed to go on for far too long. Like…

  • The times when I did jobs that sucked the soul of me formed many years of unhappy life experience.
  • The friendships and relationships I’ve had that dragged me down created suffering that I need not have gone through if I had listened to inner voice.
  • The near life-time of watching the news that I simply inherited and never questioned (until a few years ago), gave me the experience of life that created a belief that life was hard, bad and a struggle.
  • The times when I gave more attention to my lack of money than to creating more than enough money formed too long a time spent seeing the world through eyes of lack.

You only have do to something once to know if it’s the right thing for you to do or not, there’s no need to persist once you have your answer.

If you want to experience a better life, heart-satisfying work, quality relationships and you want to look back on a more positive experience of your life, then take a good look at every area of your life and decide if you want more that area, or less of it and then….there’s no need to wait because change can happen really fast – take action toward your new ‘prediction’ of your life!

Stand up for your right to have the life you want!

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How to predict your experience of life

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