Are you at risk of CONFORMING?!

Are you at risk of CONFORMING?!

I want to ask you to check-in with yourself to make sure you aren’t conforming to someone else’s ideal.

Sometimes you may want the respect or admiration of someone you look up to and so you bend to their ideals.

Sometimes it’s the mass consciousness and actions of the group of people you surround yourself with that you absorb and you may subtly, or no-so-subtly perhaps, find yourself bending to the mass will.

Perhaps you are more easily influenced by your immediate friends and family than you realise and you allow their opinions and ideals to permeate your life to the point where you’ve forgotten your original intention.

All of these situations can…

…take you off your track and lead you somewhere else, far from what you first intentioned

…put you in a situation where you have lost your own voice and you don’t know if your are having original thoughts and ideas or if they are echos of someone else’s.

And bit by by we end up CONFORMING to other people’s and the larger societies ideals.

It’s important you own your true identity and beliefs so that you truly live your life on YOUR TERMS and it’s not just something that you talk about and believe in theory!

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Believe more is possible,


Are you at risk of CONFORMING?!

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