There is no-one who is superior to you

Let’s talk about limits. We all have them!

One of the most paralysing limits you can have is to give power to other people to stop you doing what you want to do.

How does this manifest?

  • You find yourself worrying about what people will think or say about you.
  • You try and seek permission and validation for the things you want to do that make up the life you want to live.
  • You edit the expression of yourself for fear of being too ‘out there’ or because you believe you might just *gasp* offend someone!

Know this!

You are answerable to no-one. You might think you are. You might even really believe it, but even then it’s simply not true.

Know this!

You don’t need to go around kowtowing to others when there is no-one who is superior to you.

Give yourself permission right now to be able to live in full expression of who are you whilst you go for your goals and your dreams. There is no-one stopping you, but you.

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Believe more is possible,

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