Soul Desires Day – Glastonbury – April

Soul Desires Day - Glastonbury - April

Do you know that you are destined for a greater life, where you not only get to fulfill your desires, but also in doing so impact others? Then my Souls Desires day is for YOU!

THIS day is about unleashing the power and knowing that you have inside of you so you can actually have a greater impact on your own life and the world beyond so that you can impact others in the most transformational way.

This day is about LIBERATING YOURSELF from the beliefs and blocks that hold you back from living a totally ALIGNED LIFE where you are not only attuned to your passion and purpose but also LIVING by your passion and purpose EVERY DAY.

This is unlike ANY other event I’ve offered before and there is no better place to hold this Soul Desires Day than at the magical town of GLASTONBURY; the heart chakra of the world. Glastonbury is filled with an energy that is tangible, seeped in history and home to a spiritual and religious melting pot and IT is the PERFECT place for healing and for tapping into YOUR Soul’s Desire. 

Do you want to…

  • Learn how to live an aligned life matched with your soul's desire?

  • Learn how to develop the mindset for life success and a life of freedom?

  • Learn  how to set intentions and make them materialise?

  • Learn how to speak your truth and transform your life, attract aligned opportunities and the perfect people?

  • Experience an energy clearing session where I tune into and clear any energy blocks and release any negative energy you are holding onto?

  • Learn how to develop your manifesting power and how to tap into the power of the universe to manifest miracles and your dream life?

  • Learn how to spiritually withstand the times when life throws you curve balls?

  • Learn how to step into your power as a Goddess?

  • Learn how I use 'magic' to manifest my soul's desires?

  • Learn how to say goodbye to the things that don't serve you in powerful rituals whilst tuning into your raison d'etre?

Then drop me an email now or a message on Facebook or twitter where we can have a chat about where you are now, and I can answer any questions.

Why I am offering a day this like…

Soul Desires Day - Glastonbury - AprilSince around the age of about 5 I have been shown that there is so much more to the world around us than our current ‘reality’. It’s only now, in the last couple of years, that I realise that the psychic gifts I have, such as being clairvoyant, clairsensitive, and telepathic to name a few, really are a blessing and not just something to be amused by.

In the summer 2015 I had a spiritual awakening which was incredibly intense, powerful, and frightening at times. My previous abilities has become much stronger, my sensitivity to energy became acute, and another layer of the world was revealed to me. I’ve heard of this being described as the ‘veil lifting’ and that very much describes these happenings. Everything got turned up to 11 and I wondered at times if I was going a little mad! I believe this revelation was shown to me because I was stepping into my own power more and more and living and speaking my own truth. They say the truth will set you free, and that was the catalyse for my personal power in this field increasing. With the help of my friends and my own research I was able to take more control over my abilities rather than feel everything was happening TO me.

Last year I was called to visit Glastonbury, and not without good reason. There I was able to grow, learn and develop my gifts. I was able to manifest a 3 week visit to this magical town and it was life and spirit transforming. I realise what a privilege it is to experience a world beyond our normal range of perception.

Soul Desires Day – Glastonbury 2-13th April 2017

This will be a day of letting go and embracing the new, all powerful, spirit of nature and tapping into and living into your soul’s desire.

This is about creating from the heart what your soul desires. Think of it as a spiritual reset day. Let the light, the energy and your soul flow.

You have got to make your soul’s desire a priority or you will keep pushing it down and never actually living the life you were born for!

Yes, this day is going to be ‘out there’ – but who wants to be ‘in there’?! It’s going to be FUN and your soul will be free to soar to it’s full heights! I will also support you after our powerful day together so that you remain aligned, on track and living to your souls desire.

I truly live a live of freedom, following my soul’s desire and it would be an honour to help you on your journey. 

It will be a day of revelation and celebration. The return/birth of the true you! Leave Glastonbury with your spirit flying, your soul aligned and with a clear vision of the life you are meant to live.

What are you waiting for?!

I am going to be in Glastonbury from 2nd -13th April. Drop me and email at, or message me on Facebook or twitter where you can ask any questions and get your Soul Desires day booked in!

Believe more is possible,

Soul Desires Day - Glastonbury - April

Soul Desires Day - Glastonbury - April

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