Is This Keeping You A Slave?

Is This Keeping You A Slave?

I’ve been thinking a lot about freedom lately as I wind my way around the country, being location free and having adventures along the way.

Is This Keeping You A Slave?

This was my ‘office’ this morning. My ‘office’ is ever-changing and sometimes I’m struck by how much freedom I actually have.

I’d say that when I was working for other people, feeling trapped in an office, desperate to make my escape, that this was the life I imagined, but that wouldn’t be true.

When I left my job I hadn’t defined what freedom meant to me other than to NOT DO THAT JOB I HATED!

So as I go about, suiting myself, helping others along the way to create their vision of freedom and bring it to life, I’m able to look back at how far I’ve come; from being a wage-slave to being financially, and all other ways, independent and FREE!

But BEYOND this type of FREEDOM (creating a business from your passion, making your own money, and having freedom in your life) there are STILL ways in which I see brilliant women allowing themselves to STILL BE SLAVES.

And I’d say this type of slavery in on par with being a wage-slave where people do work they hate and give up their will to their boss’s.

What slavery am I talking about?

The type of slavery that is purely psychological and that can make us CONFORM (A REBEL, CONFORMING?!??!), and to lose your TRUE IDENTITY.

And that is…..

Worry about what other people think of you.

Why is this type of mental bondage so DANGEROUS?

As I said, it can make you CONFORM. 
It can make you lose your TRUE IDENTITY. 
It can lead to unhappiness and unsatisfaction with your LIFE! 
It can stop you having FUN. 
It can stop you from EXPRESSING yourself. 
It can make you second guess every move you make instead of living impulsively and intuitively! 
It can make you try to fit in instead of STAND OUT.

And ultimately these ‘other people’ who you have given away so much of your power to, will CHANGE THE COURSE OF YOUR LIFE.

Have the courage and commitment to live YOUR life based on what you see, feel and want to experience. You have NOTHING or NO-ONE to FEAR as long as you are harming no-one.

It’s ALL there for you. Every bit of freedom and success that you want. All you have to do is believe it and LIVE it.

Is This Keeping You A Slave?

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