Money, Compromise & Saying F*ck It!

Money, Compromise & Saying F*ck It!

This is what’s on my mind this morning. I’m all fired up for some reason (perhaps it’s something to do with that amazing moon last night!) and here’s what’s on my mind.

When was the last time you got ANGRY?

When was the last time you said ENOUGH?

When was the last time you drew a line in the sand and vowed never to cross it again?

When was the last time you said ‘FUCK IT!’?

Fuck it to playing it small
Fuck it to giving in again and again to your limiting thoughts
Fuck it to living ANOTHER fucking day doing things you don’t like
Fuck it to giving so many shits about what other people have to think and say
Fuck it to anything that isn’t good enough
Fuck it to ignoring your dreams and putting them on the sideline like they don’t fucking matter
Fuck it to not being brave enough
Fuck it to not having enough money
Fuck it to mediocre friends
Fuck it to blaming other people and being a fucking victim in life.
Fuck it to being scared
Fuck it to not taking action
Fuck it to compromising

I’ve done all those things in my life and then I said FUCK IT.

Talking of compromising. You know, don’t you, that when you compromise you are living a life of LACK instead of abundance. It’s your lack-filled mind that makes you compromise. Surely you can’t have what you want – so you compromise – and you get MORE of what you don’t want and you never really ever get what you truly want only glimpses of what might have been. Say FUCK IT to your lack-filled mind while you’re at it too!

And money! You know, don’t you, that whatever money you have right now is the money that you have chosen to have. If you are coming from a place of lack with money too, then it’s time to say a big, fat FUCK IT to that as well. I’m on a mission to revolutionise women’s relationship with money and to empower them to realise their POWER. I know all too well the damage a lack of money can do and I’ve got the scars to prove it. No women should have to go through what I went through. Funnily enough it was when I said FUCK IT to not having enough money that my fortune turned around.

Do not underestimate the power of FUCK IT!

Say it and mean it and watch your world change.

For a limited time I’m offering 2 months private coaching with me for the price of one month. This will be a 2 month commitment to your life and success and developing the ability to live a truly aligned life where you are willing to take leaps towards your future. This is only for women who are willing to take action, follow through on plans and take full responsibility for their lives once and for all. If this is you drop me an email and we’ll have a chat and take it from there. This is an amazing opportunity and I’ve never offered this before so get in touch whilst the opportunity is right in front of you. 

Believe more is possible,

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