What is your financial identity?

What is your financial identity?

What is your financial identity?

We can be very quick to label ourselves, but is your label serving you when it comes to your financial life.

Do you identify as someone who is…

An over-spender
An under-earner
A slow learner
A money failure
Rubbish at sales
Crap at keeping money
Never going to have enough

If you haven’t given yourself a powerful identity around money, then your current identify will keep you at the level that you are. Progress blocked.

And then you keep looking at the lack of progress and keep observing that instead of putting your full attention, actions and mindset on the financial future you actually WANT.

So, my ‘task’ for you today is to look at the label you have given yourself and check that it’s the label you WANT to have. If not, change it. From today. NOW. And move into that place with your mindset and actions of the person who truly OWNS that identity.

Do not default to an identity where there is struggle and failure. Draw the line on your old identity and vow never to revisit it again.

What is your financial identity?
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What is your financial identity?

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