My 4-Part Money Making Guide To Strengthen Your Money Making Power

My 4-Part Money Making Guide To Strengthen Your Money Making Power

With our hopes, dreams and ambitions to reach our financial goals I want you to consider how your past financial mistakes could be affecting your future financial success.

Our memory plays a huge role in our future success. If you have memories of great success in one area (ie money) it can make it easier to create a positive future around that subject.

Likewise, if you harbour negative memories associated with past mistake around money, you can so easily carry that forward to that we sabotage our financial future.

Instead of living in the past, I want you to put your full effort into your POSITIVE money making future. Do this by working on your money mindset every single day. I don’t mean a cursory glance, I want full immersion into the subject; read, study, learn. WHATEVER you focus on, you will get more of.

In ADDITION I want you to bear in mind this 4-part money making guide and make it part of your money making focus when setting your goals, doing your mindset work and taking action.

1. Effort

You have money goals, you may have BIG money making goals but in setting those goals I want you to consider the amount of effort you are willing to put in to achieving those goals.

Do you want to put forth minimum effort?

Are you willing to go beyond your comfort zone?

You have to consider this because if your money goals are big, but your effort is small, then you will stand a greater chance of remaining where you are and not hitting those goals.

2. Patience

I see a huge lack of patience behind people who give up when they don’t make the money that they want. They will give something a ‘try’, once, maybe twice, and if they don’t see practically instant results they declare that ‘it didn’t work’ and they GIVE UP.

So the next thing I want you to consider is how much time you are willing to wait to see results after you have put forth the effort?

3. Risk

Being in business is a risky business. If you wanted a ‘safe and secure’ life then you could go and get a job and have everything taken care of for you.

You CAN’T be in business and NOT be willing to take risks.

You have to back yourself ALL THE WAY. Every single day.
You have to be unreasonable. You have to do things that go against normal convention. You have to be willing to lay it all on the line.

For me, I’ll risk it all. I have been close to risking my home and thought I was going to have to live in my car. Was I scared? YES! TERRIFIED. But I would NOT back down and I would NOT give in and it’s by being willing to take risks that I have made it to 11 years in business when 50% of businesses fail in the first 5 years. Don’t be one of those statistics.

There will be times, many times, when you will face uncertainty. It’s part and parcel of following your passions and your calling. I want you to think about what you are willing to risk in order to make the money that you want doing what you love.

4. You can’t do it alone

There are ALWAYS going to be other people involved in your effort to make the money that you want.

The actions that you take will dictate how people respond to you, and that’s the last thing I want you to consider.

Other people.

What people do you need in order to see your financial success happen?
Do you need a coach?
Do you need support from peers?

You need clients of course too!
You need people to react favourably to your goals.

What can you do to build relationships?

How can you expose more of yourself and allow people to really get to know you?

I share my stories about depression, money, suicide, relationships, lesson learned, by first business as a professional dominatrix, weight loss, travel, adventures. People can get to know the whole of me and either love me or leave me.

If I were presenting a ‘professional image’ I’d just be another bland and boring woman taking up space on the internet. SHOW people who you are, what you stand for, tell them your WHY and give them something and someone to work with.

Ok! Put all this advice into practice and you will be in a much stronger position with your money and your business!

Hit me with any questions and if you want me on your team in 2017, PM me and we’ll have a chat about how we can best work together to achieve your goals.

My 4-Part Money Making Guide To Strengthen Your Money Making Power



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My 4-Part Money Making Guide To Strengthen Your Money Making Power

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