Get Paid

Get Paid

Reminder. You can run your business however you like.

For example (I learned this the hard way!), if you are sick of chasing clients for payments make it your rule that you always get paid in ADVANCE.


For years I would do the work, and then invoice the client and then wait nicely for them to pay me.

And then when they didn’t pay me, even if they were a DAY late, the stress would begin.
The annoyance would begin.
And then the wasted time and energy in chasing them up would begin.

Not to mention the damage it would do – do you think we would business again? HELL NO.

I’m talking about individuals, medium sized businesses and global corporations (with whom most people think they have any say over which way they are paid!). ALL of the above, IF they want to work with you, WILL pay you in advance.

I’ve done it. You can do it.

Have the confidence to ask for what you want and don’t put excuses in your way.

THIS is a much easier way to operate.

Your business.
Your Rules.
Be the boss.

Karen Get Paid

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Get Paid

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