How To Blow The Lid Off Your Earning Power!

How To Blow The Lid Off Your Earning Power!

I hope you’re all set for another day going in the direction of your goals, dreams and calling.

If you’ve reached a plateau in earnings then here are some things you can do to blow the lid off and shift that money energy UP!!

These are things that work for me and they are too good not to share

  • Any money limit you have is self-imposed. If you don’t like what you see, then look within. It’s time to ASSERT yourself.


  • Start dealing with any money blocks. This could be your story about your money history (your past doesn’t equal your future), it could be things you are carrying over from your family, experiences you’ve had with money, influences from friends about money…. Identify them and then do the work to eradicate them.


  • What is your personal money story? Is it serving you? If not, rewrite it. You are in control.


  • What are you ALLOWING yourself to receive? Do you have self-esteem issues about being worthy of receiving money? Are you good at giving, but poor at receiving? Become an open channel for money to flow to you and be open to receiving it.


  • Is there a conflict in your beliefs? For example; perhaps you think that it’s not spiritual to be rich? Identify the conflicting notions you have about your life and your money and work it out.


  • In terms of business, tune into WHO is going to buy from you and give you money. What is he/she looking for? How can you fix his/her problem?


  • Confidence. BELIEVE 100% in yourself and what you are selling. Get into alignment with who you are, how you can help and what you are selling.


  • Maintain your energy. Energy can repel or be contagious. Do the work daily to keep your energy levels where they need to be.


Even though you may not be where you want to be with your money goals (and even when we get ‘there’ we are onto the next level!), there is always something you can do to shift gears and blow the lid off your earning power!

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How To Blow The Lid Off Your Earning Power!

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How To Blow The Lid Off Your Earning Power!

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