11 Powerful Questions To Change Your Past & Your Future

Out with the old and in with the new. That saying often applies when decluttering your home.

But it’s just as relevant for doing the deeper energetic work and clearing your energy.

I’m going deep and clearing out old energy this week, so I can release anything that doesn’t support my vision of my future, and so that I can create the space for the new, more empowered and aligned energy to come in.

This is something I recommend you do as well.

But before you can let go of any blocks you have, you first need to know what they are.

This can be quite confronting, but unless you identify the unsupportive energy you can’t deal with it.

If you are ready to go deep on this type of work, here are some of the questions you can ask yourself; these are the very same questions I’m asking myself today.

  • When were the times when I couldn’t have what I wanted?
  • What moments did I find humiliating?
  • When did I feel poor?
  • What stories from other people have I believed?
  • What are the traumatic moments?
  • Where have I been playing the victim?
  • Where do I feel shame?
  • Where do I feel guilt?
  • What fears do I have around success?
  • What other areas am I holding fears?
  • Where am I hiding?

If you ask these questions of yourself you will soon uncover energetic blocks. You don’t have to dwell on them – indeed the least amount of energy you give them the better – just identify them.

Once you have identified your block, THEN you can release them. When you change your past, you change your future.

We are often mistaken that change needs to take a long time, or that blocks from the past need a lot of focus and energy to remove. That needn’t be the case. You get to decide.

You can rewrite your past story AND your future story.

Without your blocks who will you be now?
What will you achieve?
How high can you soar without the weight of your blocks pulling you back into the past?

(My current ‘office’ these days. I’m staying in the countryside just outside of Glastonbury where I have been doing this work)

I have been asking myself these very same questions and I am doing a mixture of work to dispel the blocks I have identified; some of which will involve fire & burning, writing over the gaps that have been created with a more empowering timeline and writing my future.

Most people aren’t willing to do this deeper work yet it’s where the biggest transformation lies.

Remember, you can’t have darkness without the light. Whether we deem something as GOOD or BAD is simply down to our perception. We create our reality with our beliefs and actions, and you can choose a new reality at any moment.




If you want my help with this work then email me karenstrunks@gmail.com so we can have a chat about how we can work together on letting go of your blocks and calling in the life you want. 

Alternatively, come along and work with either myself or Sandra Mayela Cole during Personal Prosperity Week in Glastonbury this August. http://www.personalprosperityweek.com Early bird tickets are on sale now.

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