Are you primed for success?

Are you primed for success?

Are you primed for success or failure?

Are you addicted to the pain and the struggle or the high of achievement?

‘Addicted to struggle, Karen? That’s crazy. Why would I CHOOSE to struggle?!’

Some years ago when I lost my money in my business and I was facing being homeless it was put to me that I was getting a ‘reward’ from staying in that situation.

I couldn’t believe that anyone would think that I was deliberately (although subconsciously) stay in a situation where I was broke, struggling, and depressed!

But I must admit now that there was some truth to that. I had (temporarily thank goodness) stepped into the role of victim and wore the identify of someone who struggled.

However, it was when I consciously chose NOT to tolerate that way of living any longer that my fortune began to change.

Now, that power of choice was ALWAYS there; I needn’t have let my situation go on for months, I COULD have cut it short at the first sign of it.

Let me tell you though, I learned some of my greatest lessons during that period. I faced so many fears and I learnt about what I was made of and how willing I was to DO WHAT IT TAKES to reach my dreams and goals.

I never gave up on myself.

So, who do you see yourself as now?

Someone who never has any ‘luck’?
Someone where something ALWAYS goes wrong?
Are you afraid of what other people will say if you are truly successful?


Are you someone where no matter what happens you will find a benefit in it for yourself?
Are you someone who expects things to go your way?
Is your self-esteem intact and serving you?

Who do you see yourself as? Because THAT’S who you will become.

You’ve heard that success breeds success. That’s true.

Have you got a fear of success?
Are you choosing the struggle?

What is your identity when it comes to your success and the future version of yourself?

How do you see yourself?

Whatever your identity is, you will become, so if you are adopting an identity that isn’t serving you, the good news is that you can begin to change that today.

Give yourself every advantage in life and business. There is no reason why you cannot have the life and lifestyle you want and hit your goals along the way.

Are you primed for success?



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Are you primed for success?

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