3 Things To Know Before You Raise Your Prices

3 Things To Know Before You Raise Your Prices

Today I want to talk about some things you will need to consider when increasing the price of your services.

Let’s presume that you aren’t raising your prices by a small, barely noticeable percentage first of all.

If you are thinking about raising your prices by a considerable amount (compared to your current price), then first of all, make sure your mindset and beliefs are totally on board with it too. You really have to back your fees for your services in every way. If you raise your rates but you haven’t got the the inner game mastered first, then people will pick up on that. With everything being energy, they just do.

Secondly, WHO do you have to become in order to charge your higher rate? At the moment, you are operating at your current (soon to be old rate) and that is one version of you, but if you are going to the next level financially, what does THAT version of you look like?

How do you think?
What do you do?
How do you market?
What does your day look like? Any different from your current days?
Who is around you the higher rate version of you?

Lastly, WHO are your clients now? The people that are buying at your current rate are unlikely to be the people who purchase from you at your new rate. There will be a small crossover but inevitably you will leave people behind (not only clients but potentially other people in your circle too). So…

Who are the new people you want to attract?
How do they feel about money?
How do they feel about investing in themselves at your new higher level?
What are their expectations?
How will you match that?
What mindset do they have?

I’m going to be raising my prices soon. For example, my VIP 1:1 days are £3,000 (though until the end of this month they are only £1,500 https://karenstrunks.com/vipcelebration/). I’m considering the new investment for my 1:1 VIP Days to be £5,000.

So my current clients, at my current price, will most likely NOT be the same clients at my new price of £5k.

You have to be willing to lose some clients along the way.

When I first started my 1:1 VIP Days I charged £1,000. That was around 5 years ago.

These days I prefer quality over quantity. I would sooner have 1 x £5,000 client than 5 x £1,000 clients.

I’m mentioning this because you can raise your prices and hope for the best, or you can take into consideration other factors, other ‘risks’, take the time to get your beliefs on board, and decide who your new clients are.

If you want my help in going to the next level with your success, mindset, business and money and you are serious about your growth, then PM me today and we can have a chat about what you need right now and how I can help you on a 1:1 day. https://karenstrunks.com/vipcelebration/

Don’t forget the investment for this is only £1,500 (normally £3k) until the end of this month. This price is never to be repeated so if you are ready to jump, take the leap now. There is no better time.

3 Things To Know Before You Raise Your Prices

3 Things To Know Before You Raise Your Prices

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