Move Towards Your Higher Truth

Move Towards Your Higher Truth

How to move towards your higher truth and a life of freedom ⭐️

When you move from your lower truth to your higher truth you are moving toward deeper knowledge of your Self and in turn you will have more freedom in your life.

When you move towards your higher truth you will find that all the answers are within you. They always were and always will be.

So what will move you to your higher truth?

❤️ You must be willing to feel discomfort. You must leave behind the lower truth aspects of your life; that could be in the form of beliefs, friends, relatives, actions, environment…

❤️ Make learning and seeking knowledge a daily practice. Yes, the truth is always within you, but you mustn’t neglect study. Self-development books are a good start, but dig deeper. Learn about philosophies and try some on for size (Stoicism is a favourite of mine). Develop a spiritual practice. Delve into the esoteric. These all have worked for me, and they can work for you too.

❤️ Do what you love. In seeking the higher truth you are asked to seek your passion and live by it. Most people who do what they love attract more happiness and freedom into their lives.

When you get to a place of higher truth, it’s liberating…

No man can judge you.
No man can stop you.
No man can influence you without your permission.

You can’t cling to comfort and find your truth and freedom in life at the same time.

When you strive for freedom you get to find out who you are, what you are made of and the world opens up it’s beauty to you.

Your power to create is infinite, and within that creation lies the ability to step towards your higher truth.

Karen ❤️

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