How To Live An Authentic Life

How To Live An Authentic Life

When you live your truth it will effect not only your life, but those around you. It has a ripple effect and carries with it your essence and your intent.

As you live into your aligned life, and honour who you are, the things that do not serve you will fall away. This then creates the space for your aligned vision to come to life.

You will also find that some of the people you know will struggle with your growth and transformation. They may diminish your attempts to change. They won’t understand the process of transformation you are going through. They may even outright challenge you because some people will be threatened by your aspiration and ambition.

Your change will make other people uncomfortable. They are scared of it.

You have to be willing to let those people go. Change is the most difficult thing you will ever do and it will take all your strength, focus and intent.

In order to live your truth you must be willing to challenge all your old scripts; the stories that keep you small. Your fears will rise up; who are you to have your dreams manifest? What have you done to EARN that?

And whilst life will likely give you a trial by fire, a dark night of the soul (or two!), which is there to test you and your commitment, you do not have to ‘earn’ your right to live the life you see for yourself. The fact that you exist is your permission. That’s enough. That’s all you need.

It’s time to expand into the full vision you hold for your life. Your soul is calling you to LIVE your truth. Because, the truth is, what’s the alternative?

Believe more is possible,

How To Live An Authentic Life


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