How To Live An Aligned And Empowered Life

How To Live An Aligned And Empowered Life

Whatever you align with you will become. 

If you align with love, then you will become love. 

If you align with hate, you will become hate. 

If you align with anger, you will become anger.

If you align with freedom, you will become free. 

If you align with wealth, you will become wealthy. 

If you align with happiness, you will become happy. 

The world will reflect back at you whatever you align with. You will also have to challenge the mass narrative that the world is ‘bad’, that it’s full of evil, that it’s violent and there’s not enough to go around. Those that are aligned with that narrative? Well, it’s exactly what the world reflects back at them. 

Align your thoughts and beliefs with who you are becoming, your your purpose in life, your values, morals and philosophy of the world. 

Connect with your purpose

Know your values – what’s important to you

Your morals – what’s right and wrong

Your philosophy – how you live 

Your Words

Watch your words. 

Your words have power. 

They have intent behind them. 

They have energy. 

Your thoughts have energy and your words are an extension of this. You speak your thoughts out into the ether and the world responds to them

Your words carry a vibration and your intent. 

Your morals. 

Are you acting inline with your morals? 

What do you know to be right and wrong?

What do you believe in?

How do you intend to act in the world?

What is your intent?

How will you treat others?

How do you expect to be treated by others, and the world at large?

Are you giving yourself permission to compromise your morals; ‘It won’t matter just this once’, or It won’t affect anyone else. 

It DOES matter. 

It matters to YOU and the message you give your subconscious. 

You are telling yourself that your morals don’t matter, that your word doesn’t matter, that your purpose doesn’t matter and that it’s not important. 

You are also affecting those around because there is a ripple effect; sometimes it will be so subtle that you won’t be able to see it, sometimes the effective will be immediate and obvious. 

Your actions. 

Having understood how your words have power, how intention is everything, and having developed a moral basis in which to live your life as well as your own personal philosophy, the next step in the path to alignment is your actions. 

At every point throughout your day you must ensure that your actions are aligned with who you are becoming. There is no room for compromise. One degree off is 100% off. 

Your thoughts, words, actions, beliefs, morals, and your philosophy make up who you are and how you show up in the world. They tell people how you carry yourself, and what your boundaries are. 

The moment you compromise you become out of alignment. 

Once you have experienced alignment in life you will understand how vital it is for you to live that way; there is ease, there is flow, you have more peace of mind, decisions become easier. You understand what actions you must take, you take care of your mindset and work on it every day and you are conscious of who you allow into your life and what energy you tune into. 

You will have alignment in your life, in your work, in your relationships, in your business, in your finances. 

When you are in alignment, you will be unique in the world, because so few people are willing to do the work to achieve it (although The Work can actually be quite simple) and they don’t believe that it’s possible for them. It’s a continual journey of course, and there is always another level to go to and each level of alignment will bring its own bliss and it’s own gifts. 

When you experience alignment there is nothing that can compete with it. You – aligned with your greatest potential. What can you do today, right now, that will take you further into an aligned life?

If you are someone who wants to maximise your potential, live into the fullest version of yourself right now, and you are called to live into your purpose and you would like my support , then reach out to me today and let’s talk about how I can help you.

Believe more is possible, 

How To Live An Aligned And Empowered Life




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