What’s your plan?

What's your plan?

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No, I’m not stating the obvious. Okay, I am! But you’ve got to start a blog post somewhere. And I do have a point! 😉

So with only a few weeks left of 2013, lots of people will be letting their hair down in party season, and slowing down whilst getting into party mode, but I just want to counter that tradition and say I think this is a great time to speed up!

Put your foot on that accelerator!

We still have lots of time to squeeze so much into this year and Get Stuff Done.

Are you going to head into a brand new year all spent-out and with a hangover from hell?


Are you going to spend a bit of time planning out the new year and what you want to achieve?

Get out your calendar. Write down your goals.

What do you want to achieve next year?

What did you want to do in 2013 that you didn’t do? What stopped you? Did you hear that voice in your head telling you you aren’t ready? That’s it’s not the right time?

I felt that way about making videos this year…

I had dabbled with videos, but had wanted to do more with video and use it for business. I put that off for far too long. But do you know what? It was one of the best things I did for my business this year!

Did I have doubts? Yep!

Did I have nerves? You bet!

But once I got started, I got more confidence and found I really enjoyed sharing videos! Plus, it’s been a great way for people to see me, hear me, get to know me and work with me. Some great things have happened because I finally stopped waiting to be ready and waiting for the right time.

It was the same for the BSMC School (for daring entrepreneurs!)It was something I had been thinking about and trying to plan for months. I waited for the right time (whatever that is) and the right circumstances, and the right this and the right that…. But there comes a point when I just had to do it and that’s really when things started to take shape, get momentum, and by throwing myself into it, I HAD to take action.

Guess what? There’s never a perfect time, and you’ll never be ready enough. The best way to start something is just to start it. You’ll learn as you go!

What have you been putting off doing with your social media and business goals?

What are you going to do next year that you meant to do this year?

Are you doing to take a good look at your finances? (I bet you aren’t charging enough!)

This week I’m getting together with other small business owners to spend the whole day getting ready for the new year.

Make a Plan Of ACTION! Don’t just Party Hard this month. Take some time to plan ahead so you can make 2014 one of your best, if not THE best, year yet! 🙂


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  1. I already have my plan for 2014, and part of it involves having my new book ready for launch in January, a prime time for people to buy business books!

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