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Permission Free Living

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Are you living a permission based life where you feel you have to ask permission to live your life on your terms?

Perhaps you feel you have to ask permission from someone before you do something?

This can be quite deeply ingrained in us from working 9-5 job where we do have to ask permission a lot;

  • We have to ask permission if we want to take time off work
  • We have to ask permission if we want to do our work differently and to try things differently
  • We have to ask permission if we want to move to desks or chair
  • We have to ask permission to see if it’s ok if we take our lunch at a certain time
  • We have to ask permission to do this and do that….

When you leave that world and strike out on your own, the old world of asking and waiting for permission can be more ingrained into us than we realise.

7 years after leaving the 9-5 world, this is STILL something I have to remind myself of; I don’t have to ask ANYBODY’S permission AT ALL and that I’m living a permission FREE life.

YOU can live a permission FREE life too, in whatever form you want that to be.

It’s hard to adjust from thinking that you have to work, work, work and our society tells us that we have to work really hard for the things that we want. It’s almost like a badge of honour if we work hard and we are stressed and we are a martyr to work. We feel like we have to PROVE that we’ve earned the things that we’ve got. That perpetuates this myth that we have to work hard to deserve what we want. But why should it be that way?

Why shouldn’t things be able to come easily and without effort ,not just sometimes, but ALL THE TIME?!

We are just seeking permission from the world, or some kind of acknowledgement that it’s ok for us to have these things, whatever those rewards are, by working HARD. We don’t have to prove ourselves, or our worth, to anybody.

So, this journey that I am now on… I do have to remind myself that I can make big changes in my business; like going from full time to having FREE TIME.  Even I have to remind myself that’s it’s ok to live my life exactly on MY TERMS all the time. I don’t have to fit in with anyone else’s idea of what work and life has to look like. And neither do you!

When we think about how work ‘has to’ look like, it’s traditionally sitting down at a desk (well not every job obviously, but every job has a work station), but who says work has to look like that? Our ‘work’ can be and look like anything we want it to be; Perhaps even going for a walk can be ‘work’!

I’m about to shake things up and run my business from my laptop from Spain initially and I will be working 4 hours a day, 4 days a week. This is a HUGE shift from God knows how many hours a day or week, to 16 hours a week but I’m deciding what I want my business, and life, to look like and this is exactly want I want to do. Some might say, ‘cut the hours down gradually’, but no. I believe you should just do what you want to do NOW rather than believe you have to put a specific amount of time between your goals on things that you ARE able to do straight away.

I want to ask you to just give a moments thought to ask yourself if you are subconsciously waiting for other people’s (or even society’s!) permission to start start something, to say yes to something, to say no to something? Are you waiting for someone to give you permission? Who are you waiting for permission from?

Really – you just need to give permission to YOURSELF! YOU are the only person who need to give you permission.

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I’m sitting on the plane right now.

I’m halfway to my first stop, Valencia and start my adventure. I hope you will join me! I’m posting updates and videos about my work, business and adventures over on YOUTUBE so be sure to subscribe for all the latest updates!

In the meantime, I want you stop waiting for permission and start giving yourself permission to go for what you want!

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