Social Media Analytics Is Fun (honest!)

Social Media Analytics Is Fun (honest!)

Social Media AnalyticsANALYTICS! Wait, stop! Don’t leave.

Analytics can be……fun?

Yes, yes. It’s T.R.U.E!

And easy!


And the best part is, you don’t actually have to have an analytical type of mind to get started with social media analytics! #BONUS

I’m going to give you a really easy start into social media analytics and why it can be a smart thing to use in your business.

Why would you use social media analytics in the first place?

  • When you’ve got the ‘inside’ know-how, you can plan your next actions with more certainty instead of relying on a scatter gun approach.
  • You can tweak what gets results for you when you know what DOESN’T get results.
  • You can develop ways of working more efficiently and put down the scatter gun once and for all! Whew. What a relief!

Let’s dive straight in!

What’s your goal?

Start with the end in mind.

It could be that you want to grow a positive online community around you/your work/project/etc.

Maybe you want to work on ways to ‘engage’ (gah, hate that term) with your community and manage feedback, questions and customer service.

Do you run events? Do you want to make sure they are a sell-out? You probably want to look at ways to promote those events so they have the biggest impact and sell out!

Maybe you are on a mission to be known for whatever it is that you do and you see social media platforms as a great way of doing this and meeting knew people. What’s going to work for you?

And not forgetting, sales! Do you sell directly to your client/customers/audience from your social media platforms? How’s that going? You need to measure your actions and the sales reactions.

Have you achieved your goal?

So you have a goal in mind, but how are you actually going to know it’s been achieved? By measuring it! Use your social media analytics to measure what you’ve been doing. As a bonus, when you start looking at your analytics, sometimes some surprising findings emerge!

What are you actually going to measure?

Here are some ideas to get you started!

You don’t need to do ALL of these. Just focus on a few that are going to give you the facts and figures you need to see if you are achieving your goals or not. It’s really useful to have this information to look back on as well, even if it’s months, or years from now!

Remember, with social media analytics you can’t improve on what you don’t measure.


  • Follower numbers
  • Number of RTs
  • How many times were your links clicked?
  • How many times did your #hashtag appear?
  • How many @replies did you receive?


  • Reach of your Facebook posts
  • Number of engaged fans
  • Number of likes
  • Number of comments


  • Number of comments
  • Number of social media shares
  • Number of new subscribers
  • Repeat visitors
  • Number of links to your blog


  • New subscribers
  • Opens
  • Clicks
  • Shares
  • Responses to sales/special offers


  • Number of views
  • Number of likes
  • Number of shares
  • Viewer location
  • Subscribers to a degree, but I’d rather have a subscriber as a newsletter member than on youtube.

Okay! That’s a start!

Now you have all these numbers, what on earth are you going to do with them?

I’ve got that covered! Here, take a look at this

Ta Da!

It’s only a flipping spreadsheet!

SpreadsheetI use google docs a lot, but of course, use whatever spreadsheet programme you have.

As you can see I’ve created different tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet – just so I can keep everything in one place. It’s easier.

And then you use your columns and rows to input your numbers.

Here come the magic part. You can then create graphs and charts! On google docs, if you click the button (next to the red arrow in the image above), then you can create charts instantly! If you are a visual person like me, you will LOVE having all the data in front of you in an easy to read chart!



Social media analytics doesn’t have to be time consuming, just check your numbers once a week and make it a 15 minute job. Now we know it’s not time consuming, and it’s not complicated, we have no excuse for not setting social media to work on our goals!

Think of social media analytics as just one part of a bigger picture!

plan create collect evaluate

Happy Analyticing! 

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