Opportunity seeks opportunity seekers

Opportunity seeks opportunity seekers

Last week I had a catch up coffee with my friend Ian. He’s a bit of an expert in human behaviour and what drives people and I’ve got a really big interest in it too and find it fascinating.

We got onto the subject of reaching goals and what stops some people getting what they want when others, with seemingly less options, achieve incredible things!

We KNOW that life doesn’t just give you what you want – even if you just wait around for long enough for it.

We KNOW that the ONLY way to get what we want is by TAKING ACTION.

Then taking action again. And again. And again.

And we know that we have got to make sure that every action is taking us TOWARDS where we want to be.

But sometimes, life kinda DOES give you very things you are looking for, and just at the right time too. They are called opportunities!

You’ve probably experienced them. They make you want to say YES! They get your heart racing and your mind whirring. ‘What if I took this opportunity right now?!’. And then, SOMEHOW, someway, we talk ourselves OUT of the opportunities. We don’t go any further than saying ‘yes’ in our mind and we don’t TAKE THE ACTION that’s needed to grab the opportunity and make it ours.

I see people miss opportunities all the time. It frustrates me SO much!

Along with the opportunity there often comes a LITTLE bit of action.

You have to say YES, for sure!

You might have to raise you hand in a room.

You might have to fill in a form.

You might have to leave your comfort zone.

You might have to pick up the phone.

You might have to speak to a stranger.

You might have to be brave.

There’s a whole heap of things you might have to do to close the gap between you and the opportunity, but in the grand scale of things, they aren’t dangerous and they aren’t life threatening!

An opportunity came up for me the other week.

I had the chance to have my work reviewed by someone I REALLY look up to and whose opinion I really respect and admire. (And not forgetting to mention that they have an hourly rate of several $100s!) My first thought was ‘Wow, this is an AMAZING opportunity!!!’. And my next thought was, ‘I bet someone has snapped the opportunity up already’, (talking myself out of it. DOH!). And I EVEN waited a little while before finally filling out some info about myself, my business, my goals etc. I hoped for the best, but I really wasn’t expecting a reply a week or so later saying I had been picked! And do you know why I was picked? Because I was the first one to say YES!

All you have to do is put your hand up.

It’s not about luck.

It’s keeping your eyes open, and then saying YES to opportunities when they show up, and then taking the action needed to get to the opportunity.

I hate it when people say ‘You are so lucky, Karen’. I’m not lucky! I just say YES.

So keep your ears to to the ground and your eyes peeled, and get ready with your YES!

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