What’s your secret power?

What's your secret power?

whats your secret power


Maybe your secret power is the ability to predict the future!

It astounds everyone around you. They wonder how you do it. You know the secret is simply deciding what you want, and then taking the actions that will get you there.

Do you shock people with your secret power of tenacity?

They wonder how you keep going through every obstacle that life throws at you, when they would give up at the first hurdle and admit defeat. They wonder how you always manage to find ways to get what you want, but you know it’s your secret power of having a made up mind and keeping your eyes fixed on your goal.

Have you got the secret power of  being a naysayer slayer?

You know your secret is just being able to tune out the negative noise of people who don’t support you. It’s really quite easy when you have the secret power.

Other people wonder what the hell is going on and how you are able to make such bold moves in your business!

You are doing the things they only think about. You know your secret power is simply knowing when you need help and support so you can take even bigger, bolder steps towards you success.

Do you have the secret power of super-human hearing?

Other people wonder how you always get more opportunities given to you. It’s not fair! But you know it’s just your secret power of paying attention to the right places, and being tuned in.

Perhaps you secret power is getting more done before breakfast than most people get done in a day!

“How they HELL do you get it all done?”, they ask.  “That’s impossible!”, they say. They don’t know that your secret is simply putting in the work, and doing what it takes, day after day. Whilst others are tuned into the TV, you are tuned into your future and creating a business and life you can’t live without.

What if your secret power is the Big Daring Business Academy?

A place for daring  entrepreneurs where you get training, coaching and inspiration. Other people stand up and take notice and want to know what your secret is! You know your secret is simply knowing when to say yes, showing up, getting support, and putting into practice the tips and ‘secrets’.

When you join you gets access to my latest social media, business, marketing training, access to a private Facebook group where I will answer any questions you have (really, pick my brain!), plus there will be live coaching calls with me where I answer all your questions. Check it out if you are ready to make big bold moves in your business!

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  1. For me Karen, brutal persistence is my secret – or not so lol – power. Thanks for the share!

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