005: Talking Building An Online Audience, Social Media Tools, Public Speaking & Doing The Work You Love with Ian Cleary

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Welcome to the Big Daring Business Show Episode 5!

The Big Daring Business Show is my podcast where every Wednesday I’ll be interviewing a world class business leader. We will be talking business, marketing, social media, success and I’ll be asking them about the biggest and most daring moves they’ve ever made in their business! Stayed tuned because I promise I’ll be bringing you amazing guests!

Introducing today’s Big Daring Business Show Guest…Ian Cleary!

Ian Cleary is the CEO of RazorSocial which is THE best resource on the web for free information on social media tools and technology.

Not only does he dedicate his blog and working life to helping us find what’s hot on the social media tools and tech scene he’s also an international speaker and you will often see him at some of the biggest social media and marketing conferences in America. Ian also writes and shares his expertise on some of the top social media blogs in the world

In this episode, we talk

Building an online audience

Having a niche

Public Speaking tips and skills

Power networking tips

The power of partnerships

Following passion before profit

Getting further faster with a mentor

Ian’s recommended social media tools

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Building Your Own Newsletter Community

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