Ruffling Feathers

Ruffling Feathers

I’m a feather ruffler, twisted feather ruffler! 😉

So, last week was interesting. I seemed to ruffle some people’s feathers almost every day! And it’s worth a comment because I never usually attract unsolicited criticism but I had a flurry of it last week. I don’t even think what I said was even in any way controversial…

Take personal responsibility for the results you want in business & life. The buck starts & stops with you.

If that ain’t the truth I don’t know what is! Taking personal responsibility is THE most powerful thing you can do. If you want a wake up call, get snapped out of blame and frustration accept that YOU and only YOU are in charge of your life and your decisions.

When starting your business, getting the right logo isn’t your priority. Creating a product, marketing it & selling it is. Dive straight in!

If someone comes to me wanting my help starting their own business ‘Right! The first thing you need is a logo!’ is NOT what I say. This is an example of getting stuck in something that will keep you in the slow lane along with faffing with your website until it’s perfect, spending half a day find the right picture for your blog post and taking 4 weeks to write a ‘perfect’ blog post. NO! We will dive straight in so you can get the sales and start making money asap! The logo, IF it’s needed and still wanted comes way later.

Apparently I was too harsh when I said…

I love working with actions takers and not ‘one-day, maybe, when I’m ready’ types.

I’m not here to help everyone! There are plenty of other people who want to help the non-action takers, hold their hand indefinitely, let them go at a snails pace and fantasize about the business and life they say they want instead of making it real. There’s a big difference in waiting for ‘ready’ and taking action. I work with the action takers.

But anyway, it’s all good, and if I’m starting to ruffle some feathers and attract unsolicited criticisms then that’s a SIGN OF GROWTH to me. Why? Because I AM speaking up and speaking out more and more. My words, thoughts, ideas, opinions, advice, strategies are my life and my business. Too right I’m going to voice them!

I’m not here to fit in. I’m here to show up in my life and business 24/7 as ME. I want you to do the same. You HAVE to if you are going to live your life on your terms! I’d be doing a huge disservice not only to myself, but to the people I am here to help if I just tried to fit in and go with what the masses think, say and do. FORGET THAT!

Here’s how I decide whether to take on criticism or not, and you can use this for yourself too…

Is the person someone I like and respect?

Is this person where I want to be and that I can learn from?


Y’see, it’s easy to be a spectator and criticize people who are getting stuff done! There will ALWAYS be naysayers. The bigger and bolder you go and the more you step into being YOU the observers in the slow lane will have a running commentary on what you are busy DOING and DEDICATED to.

I’m not for everyone. And I’m fine with that. YOU will never be for everyone and you should be fine with that too.

I’m driven to be the best me I can be and then go and be better than that! I’m always striving for MORE and that helps me help the people who want my help.

Are you ready to do whatever it takes?!



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  1. Love this approach Karen. Ruffle away all you like. The world needs more people who are corageous enough to live by their truth Vs the one society tells them they should 😉

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